Halloween In Two Timezones

We started our day on Halloween at 4 am EST, waking up at our Disney World resort. It was the end of a 6 day vacation (more on that soon!). We hopped on our flight home at 7:40 am, and 12 hours later we were trick or treating up and down our street in Texas.

I can’t believe we did that either. To clarify, there was a LONNNNNNG nap that day for all of us as soon as we dropped our bags in our living room.


While at Disney World last week, we took the kids and a set of grandparents to the Not So Scary Halloween Party, where Kendall agreed to join in on the family costume theme- Toy Story.

How cute is Leyna’s Jessie costume?! Huge thanks to Ever After Props for sending it to her.

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But there would be NONE of that nonsense back at home amongst his friends. You can’t expect a 7 year old to go out as Buzz Lightyear with people he goes to school with. Clearly.

IMG_5389So remember that year we made him an epic Skylanders Eye Brawl costume? He repurposed it into a bloody eyeball. 100% his idea.


And it was the first year he went off to TOT on his own with friends, leaving us with just the littles to tote around the neighborhood. They grow up so fast… sniff.

Just kidding, it was amazing.


IMG_5423And then that night we basically fell back TWO hours after traveling home and setting our clocks back for DST.

So, naturally, Sunday was nothing but PJs, coffee, and candy. (I will always always always come home from Disney on a Saturday now because I can not imagine not having a 24 hour window to adjust to real life before Monday rolls around.)

Settings for overcast and sunset pictures in the slider below. All shot with my Canon 6D and Sigma 35 1.4. 


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