S’More BOO!

Our Suburbia Membership is complete! We were BOOed!!

I puffy heart our new street so much. It’s like a micro-neighborhood where we all know each other, and apparently do fun things like bringing goodies to each other’s house in the darkness of night to celebrate Halloween.

Man, I am such a 34 year old suburban mom who loves stretchy pants.

Not familiar with the Boo? Basically, you drop goodies off at your neighbors’ homes (usually 2) and leave a note asking them to pass their own fun “boo” along to two more neighbors with a copy of the note.

Once you’ve been booed, you tape a note to your door or window to let others know not to boo you again.

(Sidenote: Next year, I’m kicking off the Boozed fun. Because booze.)

A s'mores jar to Boo your neighbors | BabyRabies.com

Our Boo that we delivered to two neighbors was super fun and easy to put together. It’s a Smore’s Boo!

I started with a large, decorative Mason jar from Target (how the world’s most basic sentence begins), but you could use any large clear glass (or plastic) container. 

I stacked 2 packages of graham crackers on the bottom, then lined the sides with mini Hershey’s chocolate bars.

Finally, we stuffed 2 bags of marshmallows (we used the square stacker kind) on top of all that goodness.

A s'mores jar to Boo your neighbors | BabyRabies.com

Then I painted a simple ghost face with acrylic black paint on the jar over the marshmallows. I rolled the printed letter and sign and tied them to the jar. (We got our letter and sign here.)

A s'mores jar to Boo your neighbors | BabyRabies.com

Just for an extra touch of whimsy, I added some gold stickers I had leftover from another project to the lid.

A s'mores jar to Boo your neighbors | BabyRabies.com

We did huge jars and lots of stuff inside because we delivered to homes full of hungry boys, but it’s easy to scale this down to a smaller size. Personal size s’more boos could be great for co-workers!

The final step was to have Kendall and Scott run up and down the street as quietly as possible (so not actually very quiet), deliver, ring the bell, and RUN!

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