Pumpkin Patch Time!!

It’s that time of year! We load up the kids and drive an hour to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, always arriving just as golden hour sets in, leaving me only enough time for beautifully lit shots if everyone could just HUSTLE AND SMILE AND COME ON JUST LOOK AT ME for 15 minutes.


#LeynasSmirk comes everywhere with her now.


You know what I appreciate about Lowell? He gets my vision. As for the rest of them…


FYI, it’s really hard to adjust white balance and tweak skin tones when you’re surrounded by an orange house of orange pumpkins. Black and white to the rescue!


Okay, that? Up there? New favorite of her. It’s like a smiley smirk. Like the smile and the smirk are fighting and the smile is winning.


Honestly, I was going to list my Canon 85 1.8 lens for sale. I so rarely use it. But I took it with me instead of my trusty Sigma 35 1.4 this time, and DANG, I will now keep it forever. I fully understand it’s dreamy capabilities after this.


Um guys, my 7 year old is enormous and this is not okay. Also he now only wears sports clothes. NO he will not wear a pumpkin shirt to the pumpkin patch. AS IF.IMG_5208

And then there are these two who have literally never taken a bad picture, together or apart, ever in their lives. Jerks.


Yo, check out those light-up Transformers shoes Lowell is rocking. We are SOOOO far past caring about dressing our toddlers like tiny grown men in pricey brown loafers.


That pile of hay look familiar? I shot this there a couple years ago, back when Kendall let me dress him in seasonally festive clothing… or at least in pants with zippers and buttons.


Remember when she had almost no hair for like 2 years?


Remember when this guy didn’t look 12??

(Sidenote: Those Under Armour shirts are 100% worth the money. They can not be destroyed. Plus? Kendall is STILL wearing the some of the first ones we got him back when he was a chubby toddler. Now they stretch vertically instead of horizontally.)

If you’re interested in the settings used for each picture, click through the slideshow below. All EXIF data is shown at the top of each picture.


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  1. We took our pictures there on Sunday! We go when they first open, before the crowds.

    It’s so funny to see your kids in the same places where I took pictures of my kids. My oldest daughter wore black leggings, which do not go well with climbing on giant hay bales. She itched for hours afterwards.

    Maybe we’ll see you there next year!!

    Oh, and that picture of Lowell and Scott laughing at each other, looks like a moment in time where you see what the younger person will look like when they get older.

  2. Love the photos! Pro tip – I work part time at TJ Maxx and they ALWAYS have boys Under Armour shirts at cheaper than other stores. I can’t tell you how many moms come in and say “this is all my boys wear!” So check your local TJ or Marshalls – I bet they have a ton!

  3. Jasmine Robertson on

    My son is 14 yrs old and some of his first UA shirts and sweatshirts his sister wore (4 yrs behind him) and his boy cousins are now wearing them. They havent faded and they are soo durable. They are totally worth the money!!
    When did Lowell get hair (LOTS of IT)? You kids have gotten so big!

  4. I realized last year after dragging my kids to THREE patches searching for that elusive photo op, that it doesn’t exist and my kids just don’t care. Our official “patch” photo came from the pile outside of Whole Foods. Not an eff was given, and the kids were squealing happy. You better believe I ‘grammed that, too.

  5. Every time I say I’m going to list my 85, I end up shooting with it for some reason and wonder what on earth was i thinking. That lens is magic.

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