Please, Keep Doing Your Homework


She reminds us she has homework. She was up way past bedtime last night carefully finishing it, so intent on perfection.


Yes, she’s in PreK. Yeah, I’m not super thrilled at the idea of my 4 year old having homework. Except for the fact that she LOVES it. It’s mostly practice writing her name and letters of the week. It’s a chance for her to sit at the table, and request to be left alone with fresh markers.

She whines every morning about getting dressed, and must pick everything out “all by my own self” and it makes me crazy somedays- especially the days she leaps down the stairs wearing a leotard and boots- that I can’t just say, “Here, put this on,” like I can with her big brother. He’s 7 and still has no problem with me dressing him every day.


But she, I think… I hope… Lord, don’t let this jinx me… will be a completely different child to get through the education system. And that is basically saving my sanity right now.

Wear whatever you want. Just please keep doing your homework.


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  1. Jennifer Lindell on

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  2. Brandi Bryan McEntire on

    Getting dressed reminds me of my daughter. Kids understand of concept of a deal & really get that shaking on it seals the deal. We agreed I would tell her what is weather appropriate & she chooses something within that boundary. I say, pants, short sleeve shirt, socks & tennis shoes. She comes out with some crazy outfits but we roll with it.

  3. Jasmine Robertson on

    Just go with it, because at some point (hopefully) her friends will take care of the crazy dressing. You know the ol side eye and what are you wearing? I say hopefully because my daughter is a 5th grader and her and her friends STILL wear some crazy outfits.

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