Back To School Party Ideas With Tyson for #HungerHeroes

Tyson Foods® asked me to be a part of their #HungerHeroes campaign and throw a back-to-school party with some of their chicken nuggets and State Fair Corn Dogs®. Since the nuggets were already something we keep in our freezer, and since they are donating up to 240,000 servings to children in need for each item purchased, I was happy to jump on board for this sponsored post.

“I’m really ready for summer to be over. I’m not ready for summer to be over. I’m really ready for some silence. I’m not ready to wake up at 6:30. I will miss my kids being home so much. Except probably not. Trading lazy mornings and CHAOS for homework and less Minecraft and tattling in my life. I honestly don’t know how to feel about it.”

I posted that to my personal FB page last week, and it struck a chord with a lot of my friends. The summer is coming to an end, and it’s bringing lots of mixed feelings.

This is the first year that I felt like summer did bring a little reprieve. I used to wonder why parents would actually look forward to their kids being home for months. Full time, free school was the dream!

But this summer gave me two mostly independent kiddos who woke, dressed, and fed themselves. They even played together and let me sleep in every now and then… assuming the toddler wasn’t awake yet. The two oldest required minimal parenting from us this summer, and it’s been glorious.

There are new things to learn, though, and if they spend much longer in each other’s Minecraft worlds, I think their brains will definitely begin to dissolve.

So we had a simple little celebration this week to get everyone fired up for the return of schedules, regular bathing, and homework. CELEBRATE!

Back To School Party Ideas |

But seriously, it was also a great opportunity to talk with our kids about helping those in need. Tyson has teamed up with Champions for Kids and will donate one serving of protein to kids in need for every purchase of either State Fair Corn Dogs or Tyson Chicken Nuggets at Sam’s Club during the month of August (up to 240,000 servings).

We added a charitable element to our party, too. More on that in a bit.

It started with a trip to Sam’s Club, where we picked up the food we needed- Tyson chicken nuggets, State Fair Corn Dogs, and apples. Of course.

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I kept the decor, activity, and food as simple as possible. The last thing we need is to ruin our summer chill with some elaborate plan to make my life harder than it should be.

I grabbed a plain wood circle from the craft aisle of our local mega-store, then about 35 new pencils from the back to school section.

I painted the circle black, hot glued the pencils around the back, along with a ribbon to hang it from.

Back To School Party Ideas |

I coated the circle in chalk, lightly rubbed it off, then wrote “Let’s Begin!” on it with metallic Sharpies. Soooooooooo easy.

Back To School Party Ideas |

The pack of multiplication cards from the education section, along with some washi tape, and 2 paper bunting kits (also in the craft section) went a really long way to add some BTS flare to the house without a lot of effort or money on my part. I cut 2 0 1 5 out of some leftover flashcards and pinned them to some apples.

Back To School Party Ideas |

Another flash card bunting hung in our foyer, over a table with the pencils, colored pencils, and rulers to stuff the pencil cups each kid would make…

Back To School Party Ideas |

along with a bin for food/supply donations for a local charity because this party was all about being #HungerHeroes, after all. The bin was overflowing by the time everyone dropped off their bags!

I provided each child an empty soup can, and a selection of various colored and designed Duck Tape rolls, plus stickers.

Back To School Party Ideas |

It took just enough time and effort, and they each left with a cup full of homework supplies. They did most of it themselves, but we did make sure an adult wrapped the tape of their choice around the top of the can to keep them from getting cut.

To finish it off, we had a simple, kid-pleasing meal: oven baked State Fair Corn Dogs, Tyson chicken nuggets, and apple slices with fruit dip for dessert.

Back To School Party Ideas |

Like I mentioned earlier, we always have Tyson Chicken Nuggets in our freezer for simple, last-minute meals. The State Fair Corn Dogs were such a huge hit that I think we’ll stock them for special occasions more often.

Back To School Party Ideas |

The whole party took just a couple hours to prepare for, and was really quite inexpensive to pull off thanks to the low prices on the chicken nuggets and corn dogs from Sam’s Club, AND my minimalist approach. I really reigned my Party Planning Psychosis in on this one.

Funny thing? The kids had no idea I hid all the laundry in our room that was on the couch an hour before they arrived, or that there were no coordinating invites, but just last-minute texts to their parents. It probably looked like I worked SUPER hard on this.

Let’s keep it that way.

Whatever you’re celebrating, don’t miss out on the chance to teach your kids that they can make a difference in the lives of others. State Fair Corn Dogs and Tyson Chicken Nuggets are great for any party. Join Tyson Foods and Champions for Kids in fighting against childhood hunger, one serving at a time!


Sam’s Club inventory varies by location, so check with your local store to see if they carry the Tyson Foods products mentioned here.


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  1. I love the idea of a back to school party! And even though I homeschool, I get the yea, nooooo! aspect of back to school. It’s so lovely to slack for the summer, but the routine of school days is nice too.

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