Learn Light Painting AND Win $500

My lovely little sister came for a visit this weekend, and taught us how to do light painting.

She has this rad job where she gets paid to do stuff like this. Can you tell we come from an extremely creative family?

We took these in my office, which unfortunately has no windows (it’s a sad place to work all day), but was perfect because you need to do these in the dark.

I set my camera to a 8 second shutter (suuuuuuuper slow), ISO 100, f/5.6, and used my Speedlite flash.


We had the kids gather some light-up toys, and my sister used the light from her iPhone in some.


So we told the kids to smile or pose, and then after the flash to move their light up toys around for some pictures. In others, we told them to stay very still after the flash while my sister jumped in and “painted” around them.


Leyna and Kendall could have done these all night. They were dying laughing at the images that resulted.



Yeah…. no.

Dark room, and then an unexpected flash?


Were we trying to KILL HIM?!


Anyway, while you’re laughing at that, let me move onto something completely different.

How would you like to win $500??! 

I mean, really, you could use it to buy a camera to do light painting… or a speedlite for your camera to do light painting… or 100 light up toys… for light painting.

Or not. Whatever.

I’ve teamed up with some really awesome women to give away TWO $500 Amazon gift cards. Enter to win between July 21-31, 2015 via the Rafflecopter widget below. You need to login via Facebook or with an e-mail so we know you aren’t a robot, but you will not be added to any mailing list!

If you follow all 10 of us on Instagram, you are entered to win 10 times for 2 different cards, so that’s like 20 chances of winning, which is 18 more than the number of light painting pictures Lowell let us take of him before he literally ran out of the room screaming.

This post accomplishes so much: humor, education, raining money. My work here is done.

Good luck!


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    • I had trouble on my phone seeing the widget to work but once i selected on the browser to show the desktop site it worked fine. Hope that helps!

  1. Melissa Shaner on

    Super fun! & very awesome of yall! Heads up though, I already followed 2 of you, it only recognized 1. Then when I followed everyone else, it didn’t recognize it. 🙂 Thanks for making my instagram feed more fun though!!

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