Almost Forgot! He’s Turning 2

Lowell turns 2 tomorrow.

If that surprises you, know that it surprises me more. So much so that I…. didn’t even see it coming?

Like, 3 days ago, I realized it was this week.

There will be no party, just a small dinner with our family and another family, who happens to have a little boy Lowell’s age. They’ve known each other since they were born. They are tiny besties.

So we shall call it an “intimate affair” and we will have pizza, and beer, and sippy cups of juice, and I think I will make a cake.

Maybe there will be balloons. Just depends on how long it takes me to make the cake tomorrow.

2 is a weird birthday, anyway. 1st birthday parties are for the grownups in this family. They are the WE SURVIVED celebrations. I go all out for them. By the time they turn 3, they have friends they can name off.

2? I mean, I don’t think they really recognize that they aren’t the only toddler on the planet. Except for tiny besties, and only because their moms get together for coffee or wine playdates often.

All that is to say that tomorrow this guy turns 2, and I nearly almost let it slip past.



But there will be a celebration. And there will be cake. And it may involve choo choos and a tractor and some Oreo cookie dirt. It may very well look hilariously horrific. So Friday’s post might be my contribution to Cake Wrecks. 

Stay tuned.

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