You’ve Got To Hear This 4 Year Old’s Fashion Advice- {Contributor}

Y’ALLLLLLLLLLL!!! I have known Caroline since she was a wee embryo. She and Leyna were born weeks apart. When her mom, Suzanne (also a regular contributor here) posted Caroline’s new YouTube adventure on Facebook, I was DYING FROM THE AMAZING CUTE CONFIDENCE. And immediately begged to share it with you all because 1. you will love it and 2. pretty sure your kids might love it. 

So Suzanne’s here today with a little bit of info about what motivates Caroline’s style, and how she’s navigating social media with her 4 year old.


I have very few real parenting philosophies, but “Pick Your Battles” is at the top of a short list. Forcing Caroline to wear anything she doesn’t want to wear is not a hill I am willing to die on. The window of opportunity where she truly has her own style, uninfluenced by TV shows or magazines or models or those trashy tween stores at the mall is SO SMALL I want to let her enjoy it while she can.

I want her to learn what she likes, learn to express herself, truly learn what her style means. I don’t have a personal style to speak of (unless yoga pants and nursing tanks are somehow fashion) so I can’t help her in any artistic or sartorial ways. All I can do is support her with my enthusiasm for her choices and reassurance she looks fabulous in ANYTHING she wears.

style photo 2

So…. my 4 and a half-year-old just started her own YouTube channel. It’s about fashion and style and she named it Caroline’s Style Video Show. She would really like for you to watch it.

A very brief word about letting my kid be on YouTube: I live a lot of my life online – as a lot of people, both bloggers and non-bloggers – do these days. I make conscious decisions about what I share and what I don’t share in the name of privacy and safety and internet weirdos. My husband and I talked about it and decided if Caroline wants to make style videos, we will let her make style videos.

She’s 4 and a half and 100% of her internet access is controlled and monitored by me, so I’m not too worried about digital footprint ruining her life some day. In fact, maybe she’ll use them to apply for jobs in fashion 20 years from now. Once she’s older and there’s a chance she could actually read the internet we’ll reevaluate.

And check out here newest episode of the Caroline’s Style Video Show, where she discusses wearing make-up and a costume for her dance recital.


I would totally let my kids have their own YouTube channel if they were this passionate about something. I tried with Kendall, but he just kept picking his nose a lot. I feel like we need to break that habit first before we can jump into the saturated Minecraft videos for kids niche. 

You can see more of Caroline’s fashion on Suzanne’s Instagram @BeBehBlog and keep up with them over at

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  1. Caroline is super cute! I also have a 4 1/2 year old and she has about the same style sense. Maybe they could partner up and do a collaboration video together, only it would just be about favorite colors (rainbows) and animals (unicorns).

  2. I love your video Caroline! I have the same purple sandals and they make me happy too. I hope you continue to make videos and share your great fashion sense.

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