We’ve Still Got A Lot Of Fight Left- For My Fellow Warrior Moms

It’s June. It’s almost halfway through June! And I feel terrible that I’m just now writing about this, organizing, this, ASKING YOUR HELP for this.

See, I was going to get together a giveaway of some kind, where anyone who donates money to help me support Postpartum Progress– the organization that has helped me, changed me, saved me as I’ve struggled with postpartum anxiety and OCD- would be entered to win cool prizes.

But part of my self-care plan has been saying NO to a lot of things, and stepping away when I feel overwhelmed. So I am stepping away from the idea that I’m finally going to pull off that big, grand giveaway. The one I was sure would help me raise over $500 for Postpartum Progress’ Climb Out Of The Darkness campaign by June 20th. 

I’m simply asking you- YOU- and you, and any of you, all of you? Whoever of you can spare $5 or $25 or more. I’m asking you to just simply donate to my fundraising efforts.

Not because I have jazzy strollers to giveaway or fancy handbags, but because this means SO much to me.


My postpartum anxiety peaked after I had my 2nd baby- Leyna. Here we are, in the thick of it. A picture I haven’t looked at in years. I remember thinking the answer to everything was to never leave the house again. I truly thought that was an actual solution.

It not only means the world to me because of what I’ve been through (read more here, here, here, here) but because I KNOW so many of you are, have, or will go through it, too.

1 in 7 pregnant & new moms will have a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder.

One in SEVEN, y’all.

I want Postpartum Progress to continue to be the go-to resource for women who are struggling, who are up at 2 am, googling things like “I can’t stop these visions of my child dying,” or “I’m so angry and I don’t know why,” or “Why am I a terrible mother?”

I want their New Mom Checklist to be accessible far and wide, I want their Plain Mama English Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety to get seen by as many moms and dads and caregivers as possible. And I want them to continue to grow, to help parents in ways they so desperately want to, but need funds to do so.

My wish is that you’ll crank up your speakers and watch this video. These are women, families, CHILDREN who have already been helped by this immensely valuable organization.

I want you to share it with anyone and everyone. Not so people will donate (though, of course, it would be lovely if they did) but so anyone out there who is in the trenches of postpartum depression, anxiety, ocd or psychosis will have the chance to see that there is a way through this, to hear that we believe in them and in the fight that is left in them. 

And, momma? If that warrior is you? You got this. You do. There is an entire community out here willing and ready to support you and cheer you on.

Of course, I would also love if you’d support my fundraising efforts. You can visit my Crowdrise page here. Thank you a million times for donating, sharing, and supporting however you can. Even if there’s no chance of winning a fancy prize this time.


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  1. BOOM! Done 🙂

    Your giveaway last year actually inspired me to host my VERY first one this year to spread the word about Climb Out of the Darkness and Postpartum Progress 🙂 It definitely isn’t as grad as yours was, but I wanted to let you know you inspired someone!

  2. And… Done.

    Sure do wish I knew postpartum anxiety was an actual THING before I was smack dab in the middle of it. PPD, I’d heard plenty about. PPA? Never- as hard as that is to believe now.

    Thank you so much for talking about it, sharing, and spreading the word. I’d hug you if I could.

  3. Shirah Pokusa on

    Jill, I have loved your witty humor and sweet stories, I found your blog when pregnant with my first (now 3) and have followed along. I knew I needed help after she was born and I cried while reading your PPD posts. I didn’t get help mostly because I couldn’t leave the house even for a dr.s appt. I hate to think about how much joy was stolen from me during that time. Two years later I was pregnant with #2 and got the news in my third trimester that there was no heartbeat. As we talked to the doctor who would deliver our stillborn boy, I told her I wouldnt leave the hospital without a psychiatric care plan. Thank you for sharing your truth with us because without it I may have never sought treatment. I am happy to contribute in any way I can!

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