Freezing The Mom-Bod With CoolSculpting, Again

You may remember I went through a round of CoolSculpting a few years ago, and a machine that looks like a sucker fish turned my belly and muffin top fat into frozen sticks, like butter, and then it melted away.

It was glorious!

And then I got pregnant. In fact, I was actually barely pregnant in my results pictures. Oops! Hashtag: not planned.

So I get this email from them a few weeks ago, and they’re wondering if I’d like to work with them and do it again and YES OF COURSE I’M ON MY WAY.

It was truly a great experience last time and I was so happy with the results. I even noticed a big difference while my belly grew during pregnancy, and though I put some inches back on, for sure, I still see a change in the shape of my body thanks to that first round.

But there’s still some pooch going on, some smoosh and squish. You know, mom-bod. Or whatever that trendy new term for squishy parental bodies is.

I had my consultation last week, and this time I’m doing 6 treatments all on my abdomen, which they say will yield even better results than last time when I just had 2.  I’ll be breaking them up into 2 rounds, 6-8 weeks apart.

I regretted not having before and after pics in clothes last time, because I felt like that’s how I saw the most difference. So I got some before pics in some super unflattering leggings and a fitted t for you.


You’ll get to see the bare-tummy before and after pics in my final update.

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss surgery, and it’s for people who are close to their ideal size, but need some help with trouble areas, which is exactly my relationship with my midsection for all of my life. I’m an apple.

They also do love handles and thighs.

It’s non-invasive, and you can do it in an hour with no recovery time. Pretty perfect since I’ll have to run home after my appointment and get back to chasing kids.

Anyway, CoolSculpting asked me to remind you all that you can get a free consultation if it’s something you think you want to look into.

I’ll be sure to post some pics of my procedure on July 16th over on my Instagram- @BabyRabies– if you’d like to follow along. And of course, the grand reveal will be posted here in a few months. Eeeek!





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  1. I’ve never heard of this before your post and asked a couple friends about it. One said she heard it was very very painful. You seemed to have had a good experience, did you have any pain?

    • It was a little painful a few weeks out from the procedure, but nothing that I remember being awful. The actual procedure itself wasn’t bad. Mostly some discomfort. Of course, with things like this, it varies from person to person.

  2. Hi
    Did you have your 2nd round of Coolsculpting I have m 1st treatment scheduled for next week upper and lower abs.

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