He’s Only 7

“We just have to remember, he’s so young still. He’s only 7.”

I say stuff like that to Scott a lot. We are both quick to get frustrated with Kendall, and we throw things out there like, “bad attitude,” and “immature.”

But, he’s only 7.

As of this weekend.

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We’ve been reading Harry Potter together since late last summer, and we’re on the 3rd book now. I didn’t think he’d be so found of me reading to him from a book with no pictures every night. I didn’t think he’d sit still. I didn’t think he’d be delighted to get a chapter book for his birthday.

He’s only 7.

I gave him a blank, lined notebook this weekend (some conference swag I brought home with me from Mom 2.0, courtesy of Dove), and told him it was for him to write a book in, mostly expecting to find it with gum stuck between the pages under his bed in a month.

He began the “next Harry Potter book” last night- Harry Potter and the Wizard of Secrets. He’s halfway through the first chapter- Hungry Wizard. He’s outlined where the 2nd chapter- Wizard Secret- will begin.

He’s only 7.

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7 year olds can write chapters of new books, but sometimes it’s hard for them to understand why nobody threw the ball to them during their baseball game. Sometimes 7 year olds throw themselves on the ground and cry like a toddler when they don’t get what they want, and sometimes they quietly work in the garage for hours, inventing things.

7 year olds are also great arm pit fart students.

Here’s to 7!

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  1. Awww. We say, “He’s only 6. He’s only 2,” a LOT around here. It IS hard to remember when your children are geniuses that they are BABY geniuses. *Sniff* So precious. Now, I want to see pics of YOU doing armpit noises!

  2. Catherine Lloyd-Evans on

    Brilliant! I often think 7 is actually about how old my husband is so it must be so cool when their kids hit the same age as them 😉

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