Bringing Home Baby? Here Are Some Tips

Bringing home baby soon? Well, first of all, CONGRATS!

Now, let’s talk life. With a baby. A BABY… IN YOUR HOUSE… CAN YOU EVEN?? OMG, I’m so excited for you.

I’ve done this 3 times now, and each time I keep streamlining that new-baby-in-our-house experience. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I think I’ve graduated beyond the no-idea-what-is-happening-omg-are-we-drunk level.

It’s a good place to be.

So with the help of all free clear (who is sponsoring this post), I’ve got 5 of my favorite Bringing Home Baby Tips that will let you feel #FreeToBe everything you need to be with your baby.


1. Stock up on one handed snacks.

No matter how you plan to feed your baby, chances are you’ll be doing it with at least one hand… and you’ll be doing it a lot. Fill your pantry and your refrigerator with things you love, and that you can eat with one hand.
Some of my favorites are: Luna and Lara bars, Babybel cheese wheels, and having my husband make me paninis (sandwiches are much easier to eat one handed when they are all melted together with gooey cheese and cut into triangles).

2. Stock up on extra sheets.

We co-sleep and tandem sleep a lot with the baby in the beginning, but even if that’s not your jam, chances are you’ll have the baby in your bed a lot. Personally, that’s where I like to set up camp the first few weeks. It makes for a comfy seat to indulge in a movie marathon while soothing a colicky infant, but it means your sheets are going to see a lot of bodily fluids. And life is just better with sheets that don’t smell like baby puke.

3. Keep changing supplies in more than one place.

Unless you live in a super small house, chances are the adorable changing table you’ve set up for baby will be more than 10 steps away most of the time. Frankly, that’s just too far for me. This tip is KEY if you live in a 2+ level home.

I like to keep diapering supplies in the master bedroom, living room, and baby’s room. Plus, you may also want to add some to a room you spend a lot of time in if you have older children, like a play room.

4. Face Wipes.

I always pack these for the hospital, and then keep using them right through those first few weeks. They are, of course, great for washing your face without having to stand over the sink. They are also perfect for those days you can’t remember the last time you showered but also can’t pull the cluster-feeding baby off of you.

5. Prioritize and delegate.

Okay, sure, you can’t remember the last time you mopped, but your dirty floors really aren’t a priority. Now the laundry? That probably needs to get done.. at least the dirty sheets and the baby’s clothes and your perpetually soaked nursing tanks and bras.

The next time someone congratulates you and asks if you need anything, take them up on it! Anyone can come over, throw in a load of laundry for you, fold it and put it away. Let people help you!

And there’s no need to make the laundry process complicated. You can wash everything from sheets to little bitty baby clothes in all free clear detergent. It’s the number one pediatrician and dermatologist recommended detergent.  I’ve used it for all 3 of my babies.

The most important tip for making life with a newborn easier is to lower your expectations and listen to your body and your baby.

Life with a newborn is sweet and momentous, and it is grueling and messy. It isn’t perfect, and it’s impossible to know what to expect.

Remember that you are #FreeToBe clueless, so in love it hurts, smelly, addicted to taking pictures of baby toes, and to lose your bliss buzz when things get hard. Don’t worry, it will come back.

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  1. We just brought baby #3 home last month and I totally agree with you.

    Lower your standards and you will be just fine! 😉

    Since our family of 5 live in a condo in the city, we are creative with our space and you are right, the first 2 weeks for me I literally just hung out in my bed. Nursing, watching Netflix while doing skin to skin, eating in bed. Clean sheets are the best.

    One thing I’d add…buy some bendy straws!! Man you get thirsty nursing and bendy straws make it fun and easy to chug water while one hand is on the baby!

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