7 Times Leyna Could Not Even With Us On Our Vacation

I swear I’ll be back here soon with an actual re-cap of our super awesome cruise last week, but for now, this will have to keep your curiosity satiated.

Leyna had a blast. Truly.

Leyna is also 4.

So. Sometimes 4 year olds can have fun while simultaneously being so over everything.

Or maybe that’s just a Leyna thing. I doubt she’s going to grow out of this. 

Here are 7 times Leyna literally could not even with us on vacation.

1. In Cozumel. On a beach. Could we just, like, not with the pictures in this sand by this ocean? What is actually the big flipping deal?


2. In Belize when she had to share breathing space with her brother. OMG does he have to touch me with the sand on him? I swear, I AM smiling. MAKE IT STOP. He smells like… nature.


3. When she was OMG so tired. Like, what exactly are you trying to capture about this moment right now? I mean?


4. When she couldn’t take her ice cream in the hot tub. But it’s a CRUISE. We can eat anything we want, anytime, ANYWHERE. Why is this so confusing?


5. When we took her to fancy dinner, and tried to entertain her, like a couple of idiots. Ugh. Are you kidding me right now? Everyone is laughing at us. I’m sure of it.


6. When I made her behave like a child. This really isn’t that awesome. Green Eggs & Ham sounds gross, honestly.


7. On the last day of the cruise. Okay, seriously, I will cut you. My hair isn’t even dry yet. I need some aloe on my shoulders, and I need you to put that camera away.


Oh, Leyna Lorelei. We are in for a fun adventure with you.

(Please do always remember that you get it from yo mama. So, like, I am totally prepared for you to bring it. ::high kick, hair flip:: )

More Leyna Couldn’t Even pics here!

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  1. The ice cream in the hot tub picture cracks me up!! She sounds a lot like my daughter. Mine is 6 un unfortunately the attitude has only gotten worse since 4. We went to Disney World 2 weeks ago. DISNEY WORLD! And the whole time we were in the parks, “Mom, why can’t we go swimming?” and then 5 minutes later. “Can we go back to the hotel now? I want to go the pool.” You would think she never sees a pool, but we live in AZ and have one in our backyard. But again, I also realize, that she gets this behavior from me 🙂

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