Time Lapse Video Could Not Be Easier With This App

Blinkbuggy, an app I’ve written about before and love, is launching a rad new feature soon, and they’ve sponsored this post so I can tell you all about it. Okay, twist my arm! I know y’all are going to love this. Make sure you sign up for early access at the bottom of this post!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Time is an asshole.

I found a video of Kendall the other day, I thought it was of Lowell. I watched it on repeat, amazed that he went from then to now before I knew what was happening.

Sidenote: OMG this is literally his exact same personality TO THIS DAY.

ALL those parenting cliches are TRUE! The days SO LONG. The years SO SHORT. You will miss those tiny toddler terrorist days (when the memory has faded like evolution has intended for survival of our species).

I am a picture taking fool. I have so many pictures of my kids that it’s a struggle that causes anxiety when I sit down to choose what to print. So then I mostly don’t print anything, but instead share everything on Facebook like that person everyone hates to be friends with.


One of the very first photos of Kendall and me and one of my most cherished. 

It’s the video, though, that I wish I had more of. Video of my children isn’t something I’ve mastered like photos. Mostly because I simply don’t have the storage space for it, and editing it down is more time consuming and tedious.

And then what do you DO with the video? You can’t print it and frame it. All those little snippets add up to what? Nothing but a big future project that I know I won’t have time for, when it comes to me.

I don’t have the follow through like this parent.

But wow, I wish I did! How amazing is that? Such a treasure!

So I’m STOKED about this new app feature from Blinkbuggy that is streamlining this entire process for us, giving us external storage, editing the videos together, AND REMINDING US.

Here’s the official rundown:

* They prompt you once a week to upload video via the Blinkbuggy app (The mobile app is for iPhone only at this time for mobile, Android coming this summer. Also available on web/desktop at launch.)

* They save the original video for you in it’s entirety, freeing up space on your phone, plus also grab the first 3 seconds into it’s own snippet.

* They automatically string the 3 second snippets into a time lapse video that builds up each week

Doesn’t that sound fun? And not at all like a monumental project you have to take on??

And it’s not just about videoing the first year of life. SO MUCH transformation happens just over one summer for a 5 year old. Or imagine capturing video every time they take off on a bike until they’ve finally mastered it, or reading aloud the first sentence of a book over those beginning months of learning to read.


If you’re as excited about it as I am, you definitely want to get on their waitlist by entering your info below.

The app won’t be ready until late Summer 2015, but those who sign up for the waitlist will get early access in May AND a limited number of invitations to send to friends and family.

The app is free for storage up to 10GB (about an hours worth of video from your iPhone). You’ll also have the option to pay $2.99/month to $5.99/month for additional storage plans.

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  1. Suzanne Glidden Davis on

    I LOVE this idea! I’m so guilty of taking video of my kids and then letting it just languish in a folder on the phone or on my computer because I have no idea what to do with it. And you know I’m a huge sucker for year-long projects. I just signed up for the wait list!

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