The Official 2015 Bluebonnet Post- Because That’s A Thing

After years of anguish (see here and here), it seems Leyna has finally come to terms with the reality that is the field of bluebonnets every year. She not only willingly participated this year…


Dare I say she even posed?


I am sorry if you’re here to see her losing her mind. This is simply not funny.


My condolences.

Even Kendall gave me a few good shots.


Though his only real smile was reserved for when I made him reenact “pooping on bluebonnets.” Such a magical age.


Lowell’s little personality really stole the show, though. Unlike his sister, he wasn’t disgusted or scared of the bluebonnets. There’s not much that really gets to him. He’s a go with the flow, happy dude.


Stay here?


No YOU stay THERE!


Look at how the other two have been tortured into submission over the years. That pained smile on Leyna’s face, the result of years of hard work. Meanwhile, the littlest obliviously picks flowers…


And generally gives no fucks. WE ARE IN A FIELD OF FLOWERS, YOU GUYS! WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!


Leyna’s gentle squeeze around his neck, urging his cooperation. Look how far she’s come!


It’s all fun and games for LoLo until he trips on a weed.


Of course, if you keep shooting long enough, you eventually wind up with some that look serene and magical.



This was a crop of one of the Bluebonnet Dino Apocalypse pictures. GOD BLESS THE CROP TOOL.


And while this was the reality of what our family photo shoot looked like…


I was able to work some magic in Photoshop and stitch together this lie…


Did you see that I have free downloads of hi-res, non watermarked bluebonnet pics (without my kids in them) available? 

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  1. Sara Cavallino Ruppel on

    magically photoshop! I wish you were my photographer so I could have magically family pictures also!

  2. Danielle Elwood on

    Pictures of 3rd children are always magical. I swear my oldest two can SMELL the camera. My daughter… she SEEKS IT OUT!

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