My 2015 Mother’s Day Gift List

Every year, I intend to put something  like this together. I always forget until, like, the day before Mother’s Day, though. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been making more #grownupchoices lately or because my baby is mostly sleeping through the night, but LOOK AT ME SO ON TOP OF IT.

Anyway, with Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks, I thought I’d share with you all 10 things that I would personally love to get and give.

1. Auburn Jewelry

Samantha Levine introduced herself and her jewelry line to me about a year ago when she sent me a personalized initial pendant necklace. It’s become an accessory staple in my wardrobe, so I was thrilled when she offered to send me another necklace this year- 3 minis with the kids initials. Minis on a chain start at $58 each.

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Every piece from Auburn Jewelry is handcrafted by Samantha. She is a true ARTIST. And if you’re looking for something unique and special, you can commission a custom order from her. How lovely is this for a dog lover? These Color Dot Stacking Rings are her newest line. So perfect for Mothers Day with a great price point of $28 each.


2. Shutterbag Camera Bags

I have 3. THREE! And I love each and every one. They are quality, gorgeous, like fine handbags that you’d be happy to wear with any outfit. They are real leather, with beautiful hardware, and they come in amazing colors.

If the mom in your life (or you, let’s be real, you’ll probably be the one doing the recommending and sending this guide along to someone) is not a hardcore photog, this is STILL an awesome line of bags. The organization inside makes them GREAT diaper bags, with the option of becoming a legit camera bag down the road if that’s something you think you’ll want to take on.

My favorite right now is the Journey. It’s big enough to hold A LOT of stuff, and has this perfect pocket in the front for a water bottle. Isn’t that vivid cobalt blue stunning? Bags start at $249 (this is real leather, friends!), but they also have gift cards available.

Mothers Day Gift List 2015 |

3. FEED Projects

I adore all things from FEED, and they have something for just about any budget. Their bracelets start at $5 (so fun for stacking), and this bag, made in Guatemala that provides one child micronutrients for one year, is only $40. I carried one similar to it all last summer.

Mothers Day Gift List 2015 |

Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it and, to date, the social business has been able to provide over 87 million meals globally through the WFP and Feeding America. FEED has also supported nutrition programs around the world, providing over 3.6 million children with Vitamin A supplements through the WFP and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. –

4. Nickel & Suede 

I met Kilee Nickels, founder of N&S, on a media trip last fall, and she gifted me a pair of earrings like I have never had before. They are made of leather and are SO light that I forget I’m wearing them. I’ve fallen asleep in them more than once.

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  What I love most is that this is a business built by a hardworking couple who took a chance on a dream, and they’re making it. I LOVE watching them grow! As much as I love their new mom & me sets ($35).  

5. Stitch Fix

My love for Stitch Fix, a personal styling and shopping service, is no secret. I began receiving boxes about a year and a half ago at a time when I felt frumpy and defeated when it came to fashion. Now? I feel confident in what I wear, and comfortable! My closet is full of stuff that I LOVE. You can read more about my love for Stitch Fix here and here (just to start).

Stitch Fix Gift Card makes an AWESOME gift!!  

6. The Giving Keys

This is another great company that does good work with the money you give it. The Giving Keys employs people experiencing homelessness, giving them opportunities to transition into permanent housing. They hand stamp old keys with inspirational messages, giving them new life. Mothers Day Gift List 2015 | And they encourage you to pass on your own key when you come upon someone who needs it’s message. Then tell your story of how and why the key found another to wear it. Oh, I just love it all. If you have time, you should read the stories from others, and the stories of people they’ve employed. Such good stuff. Pendants start at $35.  

7. Gniess Spice

Admittedly, I don’t like to cook, and I’ve never used these spices, BUT I still want to buy them for everyone in my life who does love to cook (and I did for my dad and brother for Christmas). I can’t even remember how I found these, but once I read the story behind them I instantly felt connected and like this was a company I wanted to support. Mothers Day Gift List 2015 | Gneiss Spice was created by a mother and teacher. She started making these magnetic, organic spice kits as gifts for friends, and eventually turned it into a family business. She sources spices and herbs from sustainable practices, pays her employees fairly, and tries to run things as eco-friendly as possible. Not to mention, the magnetic spice jars bring visual interest to any part of your kitchen that you can hang them. The basic kit of 7 herbs and spices starts at just $37.50.    

8. Mrs. Meyers Candles

I’m in loooovvvvveee with these soy candles! And honestly, if my husband gave me some of the Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray in Lavender, I wouldn’t be offended. I buy this stuff for myself as a treat! 

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The Mrs. Meyers website is offering free shipping right now, but you can also buy them at Target (though I’ve only ever seen the small candles there ~ $7).

9. Fair Trade Felt Flowers from Global Goods Partners

Instead of giving mom some needy flowers that will eventually die no matter how well she takes care of them, how about some beautifully crafted felt flowers from an organization that is working to alleviate poverty and promote social justice in 20 countries?

Mothers Day Gift List 2015 |

I know I would be thrilled to get these fair trade felt wildflowers. They’re $8 each and made by women artisans in Nepal.

10. Minnetonka mocs

Okay, perhaps I’m very late to this boho-hipster trend, but I picked up a pair of Minnetonka moccasins in California out of necessity (the shoes I brought with me would not stay on my feet and the mocs were all I could find at the closest store in downtown San Fancisco).

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I am OBSESSED with how comfortable they are! They are all I want to wear anymore, and they didn’t need breaking in. They come in a ton of fun colors, including a Hello Kitty pair. OMG. I’m ridiculous for loving those. They start at $43 on their website, but I found my pair at Ross for $35.

There you have it. 10 things I think would be pretty cool to get for Mothers Day. Of course, it’s certainly not an exhaustive list, and sometimes the best gift is just silence and the chance to pee alone for 24 hours.

Feel free to pin this to a board titled “Here is stuff to buy for me” or whatever. I seriously started doing that for Scott last year and, like it’s crazy, but he’s been actually buying me great stuff. IMAGINE!

Mothers Day Gift List 2015 |

Some of these brands have sent stuff to me before, the Stitch Fix link is an affiliate, and some of it’s just stuff I have found 0n my own. Nobody paid to be a part of this list.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those initialed pendants at the beginning the leather earrings just a little further down are to die for! I’d want them with each kiddo’s first initial and my hubby’s too I think – now we just need to settle on Thing Two’s name (due in August) so I can go ahead and order away…!

    Carly @

  2. oh, got me some leopard print minnetonka mocs for christmas that i can finally wear now that the weather’s above freezing, and now i’m eyeing my sisters turquoise pair!!

  3. I have a similar camera bag, and I love it. Kinda wish my mom was a photog but that skipped a generation (her Dad to me c: )!

    My only issue is they are -so wide-. I know they need to be, for the padding and the camera, but I feel like I am bumping into everything and anyone when I carry mine. Fine for some places (around town, etc) less so for others (some travel, pickpockets, etc).

    If anyone knows of a magical hammerspace (TV Tropes!) bag that is narrow but still accommodates a camera safely (either a DSLR with a kit or even prime lens, or a mirrorless – finally treated myself, it is great!!! Just need to spring for the viewfinder that is as much as I paid for the camera @ excellent open box markdown :D:D:D) I’d lovvve to know. OT but I thought of it b/c I got excited by that pretty bag linked!

    On-topic, I love the idea list!! I already ordered my mom one thing/am making another out of it, but I have been looking for something small to add. Those felt flowers are beyond perfect. Affordable, gorgeous, and for a good cause. Hard to beat! I kinda want some for myself, tbph.

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