Laundry Has Some Nerve

I had so much fun teaming up with all free clear on this sponsored post, taking my aggression out on laundry. I’m pretty sure you’ll all relate to the importance of feeling #FreeToBe better than our laundry, taunting us and judging us and bullying us. We’re not going to take it, LAUNDRY.

Laundry has some nerve, right?

Laundry doesn’t understand that I have other things I want to do on our couch. Like sit there, maybe eat my lunch and watch Judge Judy. IT’S MY LIFE, LAUNDRY.


Laundry just won’t shut up already. Cool it. Chill. Stop yelling at me every time I walk into the closet. WAIT YOUR TURN. IMG_9722 Laundry is needy. If you ignore it too long it grows mold or gets wrinkly. It wrinkles! GET OVER YOURSELF, LAUNDRY. IMG_4644   Laundry doesn’t understand that LIFE HAPPENS.

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Hello, idiot. I just HAD A BABY.

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  Laundry HATES your kids.

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It’s all or nothing with laundry. If you don’t wash it AND dry it AND fold it AND put it away, you might as well just not do it it at all. Because it will just sit there and JUDGE YOU.

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  Laundry punishes you for taking vacations.

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Your machines break, and Laundry be like,  No1Curr.

It has RULES. You have to sort it, and even then it will still make the ONE pink sock that you didn’t even see bleed all over your new white, monogrammed towels. Not like I really WANTED to look like an adult, LAUNDRY.

Personally, I refuse to give in and let the Laundry boss me and bully me. I let it sit, filthy, for WEEKS. I don’t care if it gets wrinkled. I won’t even give it the dignity of ironing it. I am #FreeToBe over it.

And I’m not about to freak out and fuss over what detergent I use. We’ve used all free clear liquid detergent since before Kendall, my first, was born. It’s the brand I bought to wash his first load of newborn laundry, to prep it before he came home.

Back when I actually cared about things like washing new clothes before the baby wore them.

It’s the #1 recommended detergent by Dermatologists, Pediatricians, and Allergists for sensitive skin.

People, if you are buying “special” detergent just for your baby, Laundry is playing you. It doesn’t need it. Just get you one brand that works for the whole family, drop it in every dirty load and walk away like, BOOM. No extra cares for Laundry.

You are #FreeToBe the boss of Laundry, and you can keep this ish real simple.

Please chime in to tell me how you are #FreeToBe giving Laundry the eye-roll. Tell me how you put it in it’s place.

You haven’t lived until you’ve shared a bed with Laundry at some point. It’s kind of a bed hog, of course, but nothing makes Laundry feel less in control then your complete disregard for it while you drool on it in your sleep.

Also, if you want to take this little, tiny survey, that would be cool.  

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  1. When my husband goes out of town for work, the laundry usually piles up on his side of the bed while he’s gone. Funny post, I only use All Free & Clear too 🙂

  2. Margaret Walsh on

    I have used All free clear liquid for years due to my own skin and scent sensitivities. Tried Dreft once when I brought my daughter home and couldn’t stand it. I make my laundry share a bed with me, I’m the boss!

  3. I have crap like work and stuff to do so I’ll put that laundry right in the washer and make it THINK it’s going to get washed. Sometimes I even go so far as to fill it and start it … then I let it sit. Sometimes it even gets that great mildewy stench. It’s great. I love showing it who’s boss. I be like, “Now who smells like dirty laundry, LAUNDRY?!?” HA!

  4. Elizabeth Peters on

    We use All free clear, too! My son had a reaction to a “natural” brand, but this stuff has no issues. I also like that it doesn’t have an odor or fragrance because I get migraines, and strong odors sometimes trigger them. I just don’t bother sorting. It all goes in at once–whites, colors, jeans, towels, whatever.

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