If You’re Living Without A Waffle Maker, I’m Sad For You

Somethings literally change your life for the better.

I think we can all agree that cans of cinnamon rolls are one of them because I tried to make that ish from scratch once and there is a reason I am not a food blogger, y’all.

Something else that I didn’t even realize could change our life?

A waffle maker.

Look at that beast… it has TWO sides.


It came via Joinem, who happens to be sponsoring this post, and can also change your life for the better.

They sent me the Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker which is 53% cheaper than list price through them ($89 on Joinem right now) and even $10 cheaper than that major online retail giant that starts with an A and ends with a ZON.


Joinem is a new online retailer that gets you at least 25% off the lowest prices on big-name brands because they use the power of group buying. You don’t have to spend time shopping around because they scan ALL the sites and guarantee the lowest price.

PLUS, they offer a fantastic referral program, so you can save even more on future purchases by sharing the great deals you find with your friends and earning Joinem Bucks. You can even get Joinem Bucks for completing a social profile, or purchasing select products.

More people means lower prices, so it’s win-win for everyone if you get your friends involved.


Just like the marriage of canned cinnamon rolls and the waffle maker is a win-win! The actual easiest, best breakfast ever.


It took about 45 seconds to cook these. We did 2 at a time because our new waffle maker is a multitasking boss, so we busted through that whole can in minutes.

About the amount of time it would take you to sign up for a FREE Joinem account.


And y’all, I’m going to sound like a food blogger here for a sec, but they are done to PERFECTION this way. Crispy on the outside, but not dry on the inside.

You know that cinnamon roll struggle. How they get all hard and dry or they are nearly raw still. Hard to find that balance.


And did I mention NO mess? The waffle iron is non-stick, plus we used a little cooking spray, so they just pop right out of there. No pans to wash after.

EASY for the kids to help with!

I will never not make cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker again.


Look at that, will you?! LOOK AT IT! The little squares keep all the icing ON the roll! OMG!

Okay, so Joinem DOES sell A LOT more than waffle makers and home goods (including computers, tablets, and sports and fitness equipment). But, like, you really need a waffle maker in your life. Just so we’re clear.

And Joinem. You need that, too, because it’s going to give you the guaranteed lowest price on cool stuff like a waffle maker.


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  1. Ummmmmm, those look really good. And the whole squares trapping the icing thing is genius. It usually just melts right off the roll–ugh. I’m supposed to be on a diet, but I might have to try those this weekend. My waist line does not thank you. 😉

  2. Gneiss Spice on

    OMG, we were just going to get rid of ours as it’s been dormant for like a decade! But, you’ve changed my mind! 🙂 Thanks for this fun share.

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