Happy National Siblings Day!

ISeeMe Books has teamed up with me to celebrate National Siblings Day by sponsoring this post! They are giving away books and a sentimental piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion. More info on how to win at the end.

You can choose your friends in life, but you can’t choose your siblings.


For Scott and me, as parents, our goal is for these kids to grow up feeling like they chose each other as friends.


Not that they were stuck with each other.


I dream of a day when they are all of legal drinking age, and we have a family dinner. They all come home from college and work obligations. We laugh around the table. Share a couple bottles of wine. And then they stay up past the time Scott and I head to bed. They talk and laugh until the early morning hours.

They enjoy each other’s company. As adults, as siblings AND friends.


Sometimes these are the hopes and dreams I need to hold onto, okay? Grant me a little cheeze in my life.

Because right now? They are very much in the “stuck with each other” phase.


Like, we have to move Lowell’s carseat this weekend because he keeps kicking Leyna in the face. On purpose. While Kendall laughs in the backseat.

There are glimmers of love and bonding, though. They are fleeting, but there.


It’s mostly when they team up against me and/or Scott. But parenting is all about sacrifice, right?


Having survived the “stuck with” portion of sisterhood and come out the other side with 2 real friends, I know there is no secret trick to fostering those relationships.

It’s just time, and patience, and time, and growth, and a few bumps and bruises along the way, to be honest. Okay, and maybe some broken phones (can not count the number of cordless phones my sister and I broke throwing at each other) and holes in the wall. And more time. And separate bathrooms might help.

And perhaps a little assistance from mom and dad in the form of a reason to band together, which I think is something we can certainly provide- maybe already do. You should see the other two come the the rescue of the one that’s in timeout.

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ISeeMe creates gorgeous, high-quality personalized children’s books, including What My Big Sister/Brother Does Best, which they sent us to celebrate National Sibling Day.


Leyna and Kendall each got one, and have enjoyed reading them to Lowell.  Leyna with my help, Kendall all on his own.

Kendall actually loves reading books to Lowell, and this one is right on his level. Leyna’s favorite part is probably that it not only has her (not very common) name in it, but also her picture.


ISeeMe is giving away 5 runners up copies of these books and 1 winner will get a Grand Prize that includes a copy of the personalized book AND a Stella & Dot momento locket (with chain and engraving). It’s super simple to enter! Just HEAD HERE and share a photo featuring “siblings” (and hey, BFFs are totally okay, too!).

Good luck with the contest! And good luck keeping your kids from killing each other long enough for them to like each other. May the force be with us. Or wine. Whatever.

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  1. This post is sweet, and a perfect mix of idealism and practicality.

    On another note, I don’t know what has happened with instagram, but I cannot see the whole photo on my phone anymore :c It’s just a grey square in my email, and on the blog it’s the instagram header with Followed! button and then like 1/3rd of the picture :c

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