Almond Nutrition Coaching- Because Feeding Ourselves Is Confusing, Plus A Giveaway! {Contributor}

Stephanie Totty is contributing today, and talking about a super awesome service called Almond. It’s a virtural, personal nutrition coaching thing that we both think you all will be excited to hear about. We also have a sweet giveaway for you at the bottom. This post was sponsored by Almond, officially, and unofficially sponsored by our bathing suits.


“Being healthy” is not something I have really ever worried about. Even before kids when I strutted around in size 6 jeans I cared nothing about what types of food I was eating, staying active, or generally treating my body the way it should be. I was way more into making sure I was tasting every taco, bacon cheeseburger, and loaf of French bread that I came even remotely close to. Clearly, I had my priorities in line.

Then I had kids … and then I turned thirty. You guys know – things seemed to go downhill from there (no seriously, parts of my body seemed to start rolling down the hills my body had accumulated). It’s not that I was eating any differently (which was still horribly), but my body was like, “Oh look, a cheeseburger! Lots of fat! Let’s pack that away in the left butt cheek – she’s having kids, we’ll need that later!”

Obviously, my body has a sick, twisted sense of humor.

This left me looking down at a much heavier, much more “fluffy”, tired, sagging, sad body. Four years later I didn’t recognize myself. I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes. I felt tired all the time. And finally, about three weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I joined my husband’s gym and started working out three times a week – and guys, I hate sweating, but I’m actually enjoying it. It feels good.

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The main change I needed to make, however, was my diet. Because, well, tacos. And queso. And onion rings. So I went to a super healthy grocery store, and stood there, surrounded by vegetables I had never seen before, and tried not to hyperventilate. That evening (I swear on a stack of Snicker bars, this was a CRAZY coincidence), Jill pinged me and said, “This company called Almond wants to work with you, do you have any interest in talking with a nutritionist?”

Some times, things just click, y’all.

So check this out, is a site that allows users to connect with personal nutritionists online (through video chat), and have them answer questions and coach you towards your nutritional goals. You sign up, take a quick survey, and based on your answers they recommend several Registered Dietitians who have gone through extensive studies and training and fit with your personal goals. You select a meeting time where both you and they are available, and then meet online at that time. While you wait for your consultation to take place, you can leave notes or questions for your nutritionist, as well as fill out your daily diet so they have an idea of what you’re consuming.


My personal experience was with Rochelle LaCroix Mallik, and she was AMAZING. She was so personable, and so NOT “judgey” (which, when you love queso as much as I do, is important). During our first meeting she asked a LOT of questions – what my daily routine was like, what do my kids eat, what foods do I love, what foods do I hate, what are my biggest challenges when trying to eat healthier? Before we knew it, our thirty minutes was up – but she left me with homework. I was challenged with listing out everything I put in my grocery cart the next time I went shopping, so that she could either shoot me ‘high fives’ on awesome choices, or guide me in a different direction towards better ones.

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In my second session we dug into more details. Rachelle offered up lots of really great examples of how to prepare healthy food ahead of time so that it doesn’t feel like so much of a chore (she even walked me through the vegetarian enchiladas she had in the oven during our conversation!). I had input several questions throughout the week, so we went over all of those – what’s the deal with peanut butter, friend or foe? What about those 100 calorie dieting fudgecicles, are those too good to be true? What are my best options for cooking on the stove – olive oil? So. Much. Information.


This whole experience was hands down the best thing I could have done to help me start on this new journey. It was so easy, and SO convenient. I didn’t have to research a dietician or nutritionist in my area, I didn’t have to drive anywhere … and to be quite honest, the pricing is very reasonable. In-person sessions in my area run anywhere from $100-$200 per meeting, and Almond’s first full consultation was just $60. But the best part is, I feel so much more prepared to walk into a grocery store and know what to look for, how to read labels (and when not to), and make the choices I need to make to help me on my weight-loss journey.

The folks over at Almond have very generously offered up a giveaway of one full nutritional consultation to a Baby Rabies reader. In the initial 1:1 video consultation, your dietitian will discuss your health goals, medical history, and lifestyle, to provide tactical nutrition recommendations that fit your needs. I HIGHLY encourage everyone to not only enter, but go check their site and services out for yourself, as well. I received two free consultations to facilitate this review, but I have already promised Rachelle I will be back for a third session to follow up in a few weeks – I really, truly loved this service that much.

Check out the widget below and enter to win – good luck and happy (healthy) eating!

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  1. My biggest challenge is preparing ahead of time. I feel like I never have time in the morning to make a healthy breakfast and lunch so instead I eat junk!

  2. This seems great and really helpful.
    Ever since my older son became a vegetarian a year ago (he’s 6), it’s kinda gone downhill. I am mostly good at vegetarian pasta recipes, but that is a lot of pasta…. we do quesadillas, but… more flour and cheese. I packed on the pounds. We try grains (had barley ‘risotto’ that I thought was gross. My son like beans and I eat them begrudgingly… (i just hate the texture, kidney beans!). I’ve been needing help so I am not making pasta all the time!

    • Becoming vegetarian can be tough to get variety of tastes and nutrients in your meals. We have dietitians with experience working with clients with food restrictions to develop meals plans, customized recipes and new snack ideas based on what tastes they like!

  3. my biggest healthy eating challenge is food preparation and cooking during the week…..of course chocolate is also a pretty big challenge for me as well!

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