My Newfound Ability To Start

There have been plenty of days when I’ve fantasized of a time that I could write a blog post telling you all how I finally felt like a responsible, capable adult- the kind who regularly cleans house, wakes early, cooks dinner, and doesn’t feel like she could burst into tears or have a panic attack at the thought of everything on her to-do list.

And that I’d be able to tell you how you can become that person, too (if you’re not already).

I’m not saying today is that day, or this post is that post, but let me describe this to you:

I woke up at 6:55 this morning to get Kendall to school. The house was a mess. Like a gross mess with nasty dishes and food all over the kitchen. The lunches weren’t made. I got a little less than 6 hours of sleep last night. And I am majorly behind on some big work projects thanks to Scott’s travel schedule and sick kids last weekend.

Me one year ago would have been in a sour mood this morning, snapping at Kendall to hurry, hurry, hurry while I threw together his lunch. I would have come home and had a pot of coffee before taking the other two to preschool. And then I would have walked in the door, took one look at the mess, thought for 30 seconds about my inbox and what I’m behind on, and I would have just… froze. I likely would have just taken a nap and called the day a loss, knowing I’d be too exhausted to focus on anything anyway.

The nap wouldn’t have helped things, as I’d feel even more guilty and overwhelmed when I woke to get the kids from school, knowing I wasted an entire work day. My sour mood would continue, and I’d do what I could to avoid both the mess in the kitchen, and the mess in my inbox.

Instead, this is what me TODAY did:

I pushed the mess aside, made lunches, and sent Kendall off with a smile. I had to hurry him a bit, as is usual, but it didn’t feel like a tortuous task. I drank coffee because some things can’t ever change. Then after taking the other two to preschool I came home and I just started moving. One thing at a time. I picked up, made beds, did the dishes, wiped the counters, ran some laundry.

I thought about my workload as I was cleaning, but I knew I work best in non-cluttered, non-smelly spaces. The blog post could wait until lunch, the emails can wait until after that. The project will get done. It will.

See, the me-this-year can actually understand that just because you can’t get everything done RIGHT NOW, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. The me-this-year understands that the best way to accomplish things, is to just start. Most days I don’t have much of a plan, but the days that I’m the most productive, I literally just MAKE myself do SOMETHING.

I tell myself, “just start picking up. Do it for 15 minutes.” And soon, it’s been 1.5 hours and the house is pretty damn clean because I just kept going.

I tell myself, “just answer 4 emails. Do it for 15 minutes.” And soon, I’m putting together pitches and brainstorming ideas because I just kept going.

The me this year has the ability to START.

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Seriously, I am forever grateful that I am at this point now when this time last year I felt so, so, so overwhelmed and stuck… and just unable to get started.

I don’t know what exactly has helped. I have to think it’s a combination of a lot of things.

For starters, this time last year was when I recognized that I needed to talk to my midwife about the reappearance of postpartum anxiety, and I’ve been on meds for about a year. I think that has been HUGE.

It’s very possible that the Whole 30 has helped, too. I credit it with energy during the day like I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Beyond that, though, starting last spring, I really began to make myself and my peace of mind a priority. Nearly all the money I made blogging went right back into stuff to make my life less hectic.

I paid for and delegated things that were weighing me down, but needed to get done. (New blog design, media kit, etc.) I even brought on a super talented assistant for a while to help me dig out of the mountain of emails.

We also hired a nanny for a short time, until we could get Lowell in Mothers Day Out, and then had a housekeeper come regularly.

So I wasn’t profiting much at all in the last year in terms of money, but I was profiting big-time in terms of sanity, and laying the groundwork for growth.

Let me pause and say that I recognize what a tremendous privilege that is– to be able to have the means to take care of myself and my family like that. I know it’s not something everyone can do, and that is why this is not that post I dreamed about– the one where I tell you all how I did it, and how you can do it, too.

The truth is, I don’t know exactly how you can feel like me-today if right now you feel like me-last-year. I’m not going to tell you the only path to happiness is to hire a housekeeper (which, BTW, we haven’t used since moving into the new house because we actually feel more motivated- for now- to keep this place clean ourselves).

Here’s what I do know, though:

Understand that it takes time. Don’t tell yourself you must get everything done/cleaned/organized/answered over a weekend. You’ll just end up feeling like a failure all over again.

Make yourself a priority. Don’t give up time at the gym or doing fun activities because you tell yourself you need to spend that time doing tasks that overwhelm you. Take care of yourself first- and this goes for ALL of you, from your mind to what you eat (can not recommend the Whole 30 enough). Seriously, be GOOD to yourself.

Ask for help. This could mean asking a friend to come over and help your de-clutter. It could mean asking your partner to wake up with the baby more so you’re getting more sleep. It could mean asking for recommendations for a therapist. Don’t take this on on your own.

Start. It will be tough, but tell yourself to just start. Do SOMETHING. Something small. And don’t be mad if all you can do is that small thing. All the small things will add up.

I am not saying that I’m the responsible grownup who isn’t flakey, who stays on top of dishes, and doesn’t get overwhelmed anymore. That’s still who I am, and will likely always be.

I AM saying that, mostly- at this point, I’m the kind of person who understands that a bad day can be left in the past, and it’s okay to only use 50% of the pages in my planner, and that none of that should keep me from being able to wake up tomorrow, make a to-do list, get half of it done, and call that a success.

I have the ability to start.

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  1. Love this post!! This past fall I started taking Juice Plus+, I can’t believe the amount of energy my body was lacking! It has completely motivated me to eat healthier and keep my family eating healthier and the best part for me is my energy level are still up. The amount of stuff I can get done in a day now is mind-blowing! I feel like I have taken on SO much more in the past couple of months and everything is still working out. So I can’t say enough how important it is to take care of your body!! Luckily for me, I starting selling Juice Plus (to get a discount) and now I can fund our healthy living lifestyle with those earnings! Totally not trying to sound like an ad here – but really ladies – take care of yourself! Eat healthy foods, exercise, get the rest you need, etc and you will feel like a million bucks 🙂

  2. This post is just what I needed today. A little pep talk on how I too can handle all the “things” just by taking it one step at a time.
    I think sometimes as mothers we put so much pressure on ourselves to do all the things at home, in our careers, with our children, with our spouses, with our friends that it we just stall out. The thought of just doing nothing seems so much easier then trying to tackle everything and dropping a ball somewhere.

  3. I’m a big fan of the 15-minute rule (more like a guideline). Don’t feel like cleaning/going to the gym/study/whatever? Do it for 15 minutes. If you still feel it’s awful, stop and do something else – now is not the time. But most of the time, either the essentials got done in that time anyway (cleaning) and it’s motivating to keep going, or you end up liking it (gym).

    Also shoutout to the Unf*ck Your Habitat blog – great strategies for keeping your space the way you need it to be, especially if you’ve got mental health stuff going on.

  4. April Warford Timmons on

    Love this!!! I’ve always been a fan of your honesty and this post is no different. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel!!

  5. Suzy Biddiscombe on

    I love this! It’s one of those things that we just gotta learn, but when we do it’s like DUH!!

    This year one of my motto’s it Take Action! I’m sick of saying, “Tomorrow, next week, next year…”

  6. Thank you for this. Quite often do I look at my train wreck of a house and just sit.. The start is the hardest. I also work better in an organized environment, so knowing I have to de-clutter before beginning the day is difficult. It’s good to know I’m not the only one..

  7. Yeay for starting! I can relate. I have entire months where I’ll be really good about nutrition, taking care of myself, and starting things well. Then I’ll have months where I’m eating empty carbs, will have zero energy and can’t start anything.

  8. I love this and have bookmarked it to read again. One of the things that I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t given myself the “okay” to do (because of money), is get a gym membership. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been. I was looking at the cheap-o, bare-bones, no-childcare, gym because of the money thing, which kind of defeats the purpose if the only time I can go is when my husband is home to watch the kids. He is the one who is encouraging me to join the gym my mommy-friends go to, even though it costs more, because he recognizes my need to: 1- Get physically fit, 2- Support my mental health (childcare), and 3- Receive social/emotional support from my like-minded mama friends (post workout jacuzzi time, anyone?). My husband is the one who recognized all those individual needs I have, knowing that until I start getting those filled, I’m unlikely to be motivated to clean the house or start/finish my projects. What a great man I married!

    Also, when I was in college I received a fortune (in cookie) that has remained taped to my laptop:
    “Begin…the rest is easy.” <– How true is that??

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