I Have No Real Answers. I Just Know All (My) Toddlers Are Maniacs. And I Deal.

When Kendall, my first, started the climb-all-the-things-attempt-death stage of toddlerhood, I simply felt doomed. Like, I made it through colic and sleepless nights, and now THIS? WILL I EVER BE SANE AGAIN?


An actual meltdown ensued.

I foolishly thought that my 2nd baby Leyna would give me less cause to panic because she’s a girl, which, obviously, is dumb. And I was proven wrong.


I think by the time you have a 3rd baby it’s not so much that you’re a pro at parenting, but just that less shocks you. And scares you.

So when Lowell started pushing chairs around the kitchen and scaling the table and the back of the couch, it wasn’t like I was like, “Oh cool. I know how to handle this.”

A photo posted by Jill Krause (@babyrabies) on

More like I was like, “Oh great. Yup. Right on time. Oof… did he just… ahhhh, yup. That’s going to leave a mark. Shake it off, buddy!”

And then we knocked all the chairs over. Like this.




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  1. Michelle Thomas on

    Haha! My youngest boy would scale the dining room chairs to get to the table and grab at the chandelier… He is nearly three and all the chairs still hang out in the guest room. Momma can’t have a heart attack every day.

  2. Those pictures are epic. I love how the dog is just watching in the third one – like ‘well, guess I better go handle this since she isn’t.’

  3. Kelly Adkins Nixon on

    Let’s see…we’ve fallen backwards out of the windowsill because someone thought it was a stage to put on a show for the people outside walking their dogs. He thinks he’s superman and can make that leap from the Ottoman to the sofa…
    Fail. And climbing into the highchair is the main event. Yes, I will be completely gray-haired by summer.

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