All The Ways I’m A January Cliche

New year, new me! Starting fresh, new page! First chapter in my next 12 chapter book!

It’s Monday, and I had 4.5 hours of sleep last night, but I took Kendall to school on time this morning, after making him a hot breakfast, and I consumed a pot of coffee WITH NO SUGAR OR CREAMER.

Oh yeah, 2015. I’m in an ass-kicking mood. I am a changed person. I am going to be healthier and organized and I am going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

I am… a January cliche.

1. It started on the 1st, when I ordered a new planner. Now, since 2014 me was such a procrastinator, and put off doing this until 2015, my selections were very limited. It’s like these companies think people actually plan ahead, or something.

Luckily, I found a Day Designer in stock and ordered it with expedited shipping. It’s still not here, so I won’t be able to take over the world just yet. But soon. Soon!


This pretty is on it’s way to me, via

I had an Erin Condren last year, and it’s a great planner, but I wanted an entire page a day. I thought I’d get an Emily Ley planner, but they were out of stock. Then I thought I’d get a Passion Planner, but again, out of stock. Super, duper excited about the Day Designer, though.

2. Organizing stuff, and stuff.

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I even caught up on laundry. Mostly. And Lowell is back in cloth diapers for the first time in… a long time.


Hey guess what? That food bandwagon every person you’re friends with on social media is on? I’m on there, too! It’s a party! Except with no booze or sugar.

Like, none.

Today is day one, so obviously this still feels shiny new and adventurous to me. Got a new coffee mug to celebrate all the coffee I’m going to drink sans fancy creamer and junk. Mixed mine with coconut milk (the delicious kind from a can) and a little 100% cocoa powder. Not terrible.

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Currently  guzzling Topo Chico, pinning recipes for Whole 30 compliant bloody mary mocktails.

4. Make this house a home! We’re painting and unpacking again, after a holiday hiatus. Kendall’s room is nearly done…

Well, at least that wall’s done. 24 hours later. Paint by #Behr- Sterling (gray) and Deep Blue Sea (blue)

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Now, stay tuned for February’s blog post on new year burnout, forgotten resolutions, and blank pages in expensive day planners.

I mean, we all know I suck at sticking with anything like this. 12 in 2012, anyone??? LOLOLOLOL.

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  1. Our posts are cracking me up because just like you I have decided I can do ALL the things this year…but unlike you I ended my post with a line about how at least I’m not crazy enough to try the Whole30 thing.

    But it looks like you are.

    God be with you. I’ll be watching. 😉

  2. Oh my gosh…I think you inspired me to do 12 in 12. Epic fail! I mean, whats better than 1 resolution? 12 “nonresolutions”. I will be checking out those planners though!

  3. We’re practically planner twins EXCEPT I got the Emily Ley 😉 I *used* to have an Erin Corden but wanted a daily. I also looked at the Whitney English Day planner!

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  5. I too just started Whole30 (which I blame on Diana Stone) and have discovered that the flavored Addison Coffee that Central Market carries is DIVINE. I made a pot of the toasted almond creme with the coconut milk/coconut oil “creamer” and it’s actually good! Coming from someone whose favorite Starbucks drink is a salted caramel mocha, that says something 😉

    (and I’m a January cliche too. Every darn year. I’m already behind lol)

  6. All these planners with goals and inspirational quotes make me be all “don’t tell me how to live my life! I do what I want!” I need a simple planner that isn’t trying to make me a better person.

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