17 Times This Toddler Has Lived It Up #LoLoYOLO

I’m channeling my  click bait curating talents today for a post that is guaranteed to make you smile. If #13 doesn’t make your cheeks hurt from happiness, you’re not human!!!111

Lowell, or LoLo as we all call him, is our jolly little 16 month old with a huge personality and mega expressive faces.

Here are 17 times LoLo has lived it up. #LoLoYOLO

1. That time he ate some beans.


2. When he wore skinny jeans…


And then danced with the broom.


3.  That time he needed an afternoon jolt.


4. When he wheeled through the grocery store like a badass with his sister.


5. That time he tried to rescue the kitty from under the door.


6. When he looked like the little old man from Up.


7. That time he questioned his sister’s emotions.


8. That time he climbed onto his brother for some good ol’ fashioned snuggle time.


9. Another time he ate some beans.


10. The day he became a “little bother” and found his sister’s stamps.


11. That time he wore a neck floatie and DNGAF what people thought of it.


No f*cks given.

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12. When he judged me for eating BBQ with a fork.


13. That time he took his first selfie.


14. That time he showed his disapproval after I returned home from my first overnight business trip.


15. That time he wanted to reorganize the media cabinet.


16. That time he got in trouble for climbing on the media cabinet and DNGAF.


17. Every time he gives me this face and gets everything he wants.


Listen, it’s not that he’s my favorite child. It’s just that he’s my most well-documented one. And the upside to having a toddler is… well, having a toddler. So I’ll be over here living it up with him in between tantrums about broken bananas and dramatic head-floor smashing over who-the-hell knows what. #LoLoYOLO

You can find a lot more Lowell and #LoLoYOLO on my Instagram account- @BabyRabies. He’s always doing something to make us smile around here.

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  1. Fantastic. Love the fork using judgement. Over here, all forks must be surrendered to the 16mo old who just wants to hold them.

  2. I have two boys (8 and 2) and the looks on your boys’ faces is pretty much the look my guys get anytime they see a girl being a girl. It cracks me up, I wish I had it as well documented as you have it.

  3. Mélanie Mercier on

    All your children were and are adorable, but Lolo is just… that face… those expressions… I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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