Babywearing/ Toddler Immobilizing Giveaway From Onya Baby


The last time we moved, our oldest was 8 weeks old. It was horrible. Truly. I don’t ever recommend moving across the country with a colicky infant.

So the bar was set really low this time, and nearly everything about this move seemed like a breeze in comparison to our last experience.

Everything except for the part about having 3 kids, including one who runs everywhere, climbs everything, and doesn’t understand the concept of breaking one’s neck falling down the stairs.

Onya Baby NexStep babywearing giveaway on

The move would. not. have happened without lots of help, including my mom’s watchful eye for the week. She assumed toddler duty while Scott and I lugged boxes and paint brushes.

But, well, she left yesterday. I begged her to just move in, but it’s like she has a life and a husband, or something.

And now? We are so screwed. I mean, yes, there are baby gates on the way, and I might just put a jingle bell on his neck so we can hear where he is, but so many boxes. So many ways to wind up in the ER. Very not childproofed.

So this is happening.

Toddler-wearing in our Onya NexStep, for the win.


Onya sent me this carrier earlier this year, and I absolutely love it. I wish there was a way you could reach through the screen and feel it. It’s so sturdy and made beautifully.

Here we are, sporting it in our old backyard a few weeks ago before the arctic blast.

Onya Baby NexStep babywearing giveaway on

The NexStep is PERFECT for the heat (be it outdoors or when the heater is on blast indoors because it’s FREEZING outside today). It’s made with a polyester twill fabric, and an air-mesh lining.

Onya Baby NexStep babywearing giveaway on

I made sure to keep our Onya out and easy to find during the move for baby-wearing (or toddler immobilizing, to be more accurate), but also because I could use it on a chair at meals.

Notice how today I’m rocking a sloppy bun?



Yeah… I learned that lesson already.

Onya Baby NexStep babywearing giveaway on

Oh, motherhood.

I’ve known the people behind Onya for a couple years, and I adore them as people and as a company. Their products are outstanding. Seriously, impressive quality.

Onya Baby NexStep babywearing giveaway on

I’m SO excited to giveaway one Onya NexStep carrier in Sand (exactly like mine) to one lucky person! Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Sorry, Canadian friends. This one is for US only.

Thanks to Onya Baby for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

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  1. Babywearing has always been the only thing to calm my daughter when she was upset or sick. If she was fighting a nap … the baby carrier was sure to do the trick. We love our carriers!

  2. UG! Moving!! Best of luck to you guys with the unpacking process. We just went through this eight months ago with a newborn and a 2-year-old, so I can totally empathize!
    This carrier looks awesome. I’ve been trying to figure out an effective baby wearing/toddler immobilization solution recently because we have approximately one gazillion leaves in our yard (we’re in MA), and my hubs and I have 12 hours of overlap with our work schedules. The Moby was great when our 8-month-old was small, but it hurts my back now!

  3. Going from 1 (completely independent) kid to 2 and having a newborn again, babywearing has been a lifesaver. So much easier than trying to squeeze the car seat/stroller everywhere and wrangling the 5-year-old. I just strap him to me, hold her hand, and off we go.

  4. Caitlin Maxwell on

    Finding a way to help with toddler immobilizing is crucial for me as a stay at home mom trying to earn much needed extra money doing photography on the side! 🙂

  5. Autumn Irene-Meriah Boone on

    Baby wearing helped me with my daughter when she was younger and we were breastfeeding. We could nurse anywhere and because she always needed to be held it helped me get things done at home. Now she’s 2 and I’m 5 weeks away from my due date with my son and winning this would be am extreme help because I could wear lydia when she needs mommy and still have free hands for my son who I can dual wear on the front.

  6. Because shopping with three kids under 4 years old is tough stuff when two of them refuse to sit in a cart because they’re “BIG” kids and one of them refuses to sit in the cart because he’d much rather be held by mama. Baby wearing keeps my arms from turning to jello while pushing a cart AND holding my 1 year old 🙂

  7. Car seat Kellie on

    Me again. I didn’t know we had to write about why we baby wear. *ahem* I wear my childre to help my head stay attached. I can hold hands and not worry about the baby.

  8. It would be great to have one because I have a 3 year old to take care of and a soon to be newborn. Definitely would come in handy.

  9. The hands free aspect is my favorite part. My kids have always been a little clingy and I can wear them and still get stuff done. Win win!

  10. Football, basketball, guitar, drum-busy life with four kids and their busy schedules. Baby wearing is the only wY to get it done because a stroller can’t go everywhere we need to.

  11. We spent the last two summers in Zambia Africa with my little one strapped to my back in another brand carrier. I would love to upgrade to an onya as I’ve heard awesome things about this brand!!!

  12. Cassandra Eastman on

    It helped tremendously with my 2nd child so I could have my hands free to chase my toddler. Now that i’m expecting baby #3 I plan on wearing him too!

  13. Baby wearing makes going out in public with a 4 week old so much easier. Plus, it helps protect them from germs, which I love.

  14. I would love to have an ssc for my 15 month old! We have such a tight budget since I’ve been a SAHM, and he loved his sling that he outgrew, but absolutely hated the mei tei carrier! I desperately need something sturdy enough for a toddler!

  15. I love baby wearing my 1 1/2 year old and even occasionally throw my 35lb 3 year old into a carrier for a bit when he is emotionally overwhelmed (re: CRANKY). I would love a carrier that is sturdier than the wraps that I currently use!

  16. My husband and I plan to start TTC soon and I plan on babywearing as much as I can when the time comes. I’d love to have this to add to add to our stash of things we’ve been picking up.

  17. i am a huge fan of toddler immobilization as well! some days this is how we all survive until daddy comes home 🙂

    good luck with #yolololo and those stairs!

  18. Wearing my toddler is just about the only way I can grocery shop these days! If I try and put him in the cart, he wiggles and fusses to get out. For some reason when I have him strapped to me, he seems to accept his fate!

  19. Babywearing has helped so much with a preschooler and a baby. Especially when trying to make sure the baby doesn’t crawl somewhere and you are trying to wipe the 3 y.o.’s butt.

  20. Lisa Humphries on

    Babywearing is he only way I am able to get grocery shopping done. I have a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old. And we all know you’re not supposed to balance the carseat on top of the cart, and one can barely fit food for a week for a family of 3 (one of whom is breastfeeding the non-food-eating 4th) into a cart when you have the carseat actually in the cart. So babywearing FTW!

  21. My third is the same age as yours and we have two carriers already because this kid is crazy…it’s the third child thing, isn’t it?? This looks AMAZING! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Kathryn Lievers on

    With 3 kids under 4, i am sure this will help me wrangle them on every day outings!
    Baby in carrier = one arm for each of the remaining toddlers!!

  23. Devon Wiest Thomas on

    Without baby wearing I’m pretty sure my 8 month old would make more use of the dog door (2 escapes in as many days…)

  24. Holy crappers I need one of those! I’m traveling to Spain with my 3 year old and 4 month old next month to visit the inlaws. I never had a back carrier with the first one but I think it’ll be a necessity considering I’ll have to, no doubt, run after the first wit the second. AY! *fingers crossed*

  25. Katie Davidson on

    I only have a toddler and don’t know how I’m supposed to handle two kids with only two hands, but I’m thinking this thing might help.

  26. I’ve never been able to baby/toddler wear, but I think something that would help the hubby when he’s got all four! Especially outside!

  27. Megan Williams Karwacki on

    Mornings with a new toddler who wants me to hold her nonstop while I get us ready for work and daycare become SO difficult. She cries, I attempt to ignore that someone is trying to climb me. It’s awful. THIS would def help with multitasking weekdays.

  28. Shannah Doerner on

    my 7 month old has always been a very needy baby. I wish I had a decent carrier, to actually get things done in the house. Because I am tired of month dirty dishes piled up laundry!

  29. Sarah Gentry Moore on

    Totally rocked some baby wearing today while at the FedEx store, sending some documents to the mortgage company to close on our dream property! I would love a new carrier that’ll be cool in the heat since we’ll be heading to Florida soon!

  30. I don’t know how I would have gotten anything done during hubby’s deployment without wearing the baby! He’s a toddler now and I’m scouting for a bigger carrier to take us through next year’s international move!

  31. Marie-Claire Carey on

    We moved when my daughter was almost exactly Lowell’s age and baby wearing saved both of us! Now I’m planning on wearing her baby brother when he arrives so I can still chase her!

  32. I wore my daughter and it was great for keeping her close all day. Now she is 3 and we are expecting baby #2, so I will be babywearing constantly to keep up with my crazy toddler.

  33. Baby wearing a toddler was great when she just wouldn’t settle down for a nap. I would stick her on my back & boom she would fall right to sleep.

  34. Jessica Gorrell on

    What’s the weight limit on these? My almost 4 year old is only 29#, but she demands to be carried ALL.THE.TIME. I’ve considered trying to wear her again because even though we should be way past the age to be worn, it’s easier to wear her than leave her on a public sidewalk screaming for someone to carry her.

  35. Monique Eckert on

    It helps me to keep up with my very active toddler! I can go to the grocery, the zoo, or pretty much anywhere wearing the baby and helping the toddler!

  36. My little guy isn’t mobile yet but we’re a military family and a move is never far for us. I know he’ll be on the go as we move this summer and the Onya will be a must!

  37. Amelia Wolf Martin on

    I have a front carrier, which I love, but it kills my back. That one looks like it distributes the weight differently, which would help me tremendously.

  38. Melissa Ponder on

    I’m a nanny for (now) toddler twins and a big sis. If it weren’t for babywearing, my job would be immeasurable harder!!

  39. Toddler immobilizing for sure! It saved us through teething, furniture rearranging and general busy days and crankiness. I love the hidden seat feature – haven’t seen this in any of the other carriers we have borrowed!

  40. “Toddler immobilizing” is WONDERFUL when travelling on CTA (Chicago’s public transit system) with a 20 month old – especially during rush hours.

  41. I have a 3yr old and a 5wk old. It would be great to wear the 5wk old to keep her out of reach of other kids and get some stuff done!

  42. Becca Finley Wilson on

    I have a 13 month old and another one due in March! It would help me tremendously with running errands with both kids once baby #2 arrives!

  43. I have a baby and a toddler, so wearing 1 of them is really the only way I get anything done. I wish I could tandem wear them!

  44. Tessa Pope Becker on

    I’ve got a 4 month old and a toddler… If I could at least put one in a carrier it would make it much easier to manage the other one…

  45. Kimberly Shepherd on

    I have a 7yr old, a 4 yr old, and a 3 month old. Babywearing has saved my sanity running errands and all the activities my other kids are in.

  46. My one month old baby HATES being put down and it turns out my placenta didn’t morph into Rosie from the Jetsons or an extra set of hands for me. A baby carrier might be the only way my house doesn’t wind up with wall to wall carpet made of dog fur and dust.

  47. Hydee Desadier Kagan on

    I just had our third baby and only learned the amazing helpfulness of baby wearing with our second child. I will be wearing this third kiddo nonstop to be able to keep up with the first two and the Onya NexStep would be, in the words of my toddler, “super duper” helpful!

  48. Kristin Destrampe on

    Having a husband who is gone all hours of the day and night for his residency program I would love to have one of these to help carry my toddler around who loves to be close to mommy and help with everything!

  49. Diana Sanapanya on

    Baby wearing has helped keep my hands free. I’m sure every mom can relate. Dishes need to get done, laundry needs to be folded. And with the little one latched to your leg, these things do not get done. Baby wearing has been a live saver!

  50. Emily Quinn Floyd on

    I’m on my 3rd also, so baby wearing is a MUST at times. AND we’re going to Disney next month & um, I NEED this!

  51. OK, I love this just for the chair option – holy cow is that great or what!! This grandma of 5 toddlers (all boys) needs this kind of help in my life!!

  52. Carolyn Allen Russell on

    When my second child was born my first was having a severe stranger anxiety issue and panicked whenever we had to go in public. The newborn would go in the stroller and I’d wear my toddler everywhere we went – it’s the only way we survived! I saw an Onya at the ABC Kids Expo and have been DYING to own one every since, so this would be amazing to win 😉

  53. Melanie Nebesniak on

    My third baby always had a terrible time from about 5-8pm. Baby wearing kept us all alive. I really wish I would have learned this with my first two! 🙂 I’d love to win this for my brother who is new to this parents thing!

  54. I wear my 17 month old when we’re shopping at the mall, because she gets tired of the stroller and wants to stand while riding! Wearing her keeps her out of trouble!

  55. Kaitlin Schofield on

    As a nanny, baby/toddler wearing is a lifesaver. I haven’t used a stroller in years – baby wearing is much preferred!

  56. Shopping with my two-year-old is quite challenging. When it’s just the three of us I put her in the carrier and this usually makes things a bit easier and she often falls asleep I had saved me a lot of stress.

  57. Babywearing has been a lifesaver. Not only has it allowed me to be hands free while keeping my little man close but it’s so easy to breastfeed him anytime anywhere. We’re expecting #2 and definitely need another carrier so that both my husband and I can carry.

  58. Grocery shopping! Nothing better than wearing that little baby, having room in the cart for the food, and getting all those big smiles (OK, I know they are meant for the baby, but still!)

  59. I had to pay our property taxes at the courthouse yesterday. Because I’m the idiot that waited until it was too late to mail them in. So, I had to walk through a huge parking lot, through security and up a flight of stairs WITH a 3.5 yo, almost 2 yo and 7 mo baby. Hahahaha! Babywearing/toddler immobilizing for the win. Baby on the front and toddler on the back. The 3.5 yo got to carry the keys and lock the car with the beeper and hand them to the security guard to scan. She felt so important.

  60. Babywearing helps because quite frankly, I don’t have 20 hands. I’m the busy Mama of 4 with another on the way… It’s a lifesaver when I need to be doing many things at one time, do chores with a teething or fussy 17 month old, get chores done with a colicky newborn, soothe sad babies, shop without needing an extra cart or my huge strollers, and just about everything else.

  61. Shannon Anderson on

    Baby wearing was an awesome way to keep my sleeping child asleep when we had to move him from the car to wherever we were going, he would always stay asleep in my arms and then I was able to get him in the carrier so that he would get the much needed sleep!!!

  62. I have a four month old daughter, we have searched far and near for a baby carrier; currently using infantino mei tai, but I am saving for the Onya because of how easy it is to put on, put baby in, and go. There are no straps to wrap, and extra pockets too!

  63. Love babywearing to snuggle the grumpy LO, and keep little fingers safe in the kitchen. And everywhere! Love my MT, but my sitters and hubby don’t, so i really need an Onya!!

  64. I haven’t tried the Onya, but I love to wear my 10 month old to soothe her when she needs to cuddle and I need to get stuff done!!

  65. My almost two year old is a bigger guy and is getting hard to carry like he wants to be. It would be amazing to have a carrier!

  66. Melissa Dodero Schneider on

    Due in December and just moved just into our new house,once our baby comes this will help me bond with my son while being able to still unpack my house!!!!

  67. Laura Marie Cicconetti Sullivan on

    Baby wearing is a must this time of year! Who can deck the halls with a 12 month old running around????

  68. I have 4 kids (6, 4, 2, 6 months) and we are gearing up for a cross country move as soon as our house sells– babywearing is a MUST in my life!!

  69. Will be doing some serious baby wearing when #2 comes in February since #1 is busy all of the time and all I ever do is chase her around!

  70. Crystle Bullard on

    The second I put one of my little loves in our carrier, an instantaneous feeling of love and beauty fills my soul. There is nothing better than being Mama! Some women accessorize with jewelry, I accessorize with wearing my babies <3

  71. Michele Livingood on

    I’m looking forward to all this babywearing, when my first child arrives in March! Sounds like this product material will be great for our ridiculously hot DC summers.

  72. With a slightly needy 4 year old, a 4 month old who is starting to move around more, and a husband that travels a lot for work right now, I use my carriers to get shit done. I’m always on the lookout for something helpful!!

  73. Jessie LouAllen on

    My sister-in-law is having a baby in March and she already has THREE at home. This would make her life a lot easier!

  74. We currently have a Baby K’Tan (which my daughter hates) and a Baby Bjorn which she loves but it’s just not all that comfortable. Would love something comfortable for the both of us to use whether it’s shopping, doing housework with a fussy, teething baby, or chasing the big brothers around this winter at their daily hockey practices and games!

  75. While walking the 3 blocks to the library or dance class, I can wear the toddler and hold the hand of the preschooler and we (mostly) make it with minimal drama!

  76. still learning the ins & outs of baby wearing, but so far i have loved having my baby on at school events for my kindergartner, keeps the extra hands off!!

  77. I have four children under six… and we started homeschooling this year! Babywearing is crucial to my survival in too many ways to mention. 😉

  78. I have worn my now four year old since his birth, and still wear him on occasion. He is a high needs/medically complex kid and there is no way we could have survived his pain and other difficulties without wearing. I’ve worn him through everything from simply needing to be close, to household chores, to outings to flying cross country with him solo to terrible medical procedures. My second baby is due in Feb and I hope to continue the babywearing legacy.

  79. June Taylor-Carbery on

    We have two boys! And a girl due in January. I will need to wear her 24/7 because with two boys, I rarely have a free hand.

  80. Elizabeth Umstott on

    The fact that my son is exactly the same in the running and climbing department means I could use it while shopping and not fell like I just left the gym after a 2 hour workout!

  81. I’ve been able to navigate more airports while wearing my oldest son. I also have a carrier with me. Now, I need a carrier even more to use with my newbie in order to chase his older brother. And we have a lot of travel this year in airports so it would be nice to wear both in the airport. I must be crazy to think that.

  82. Andrea Martel Renzi on

    We have four kids 8 and under. Without a good baby carrier shopping and yard work and dinner would probably never happen. Ever.

  83. Kaseena Marie Hoover on

    With a active 3 year old who loves to go outside and downstairs to play trains and a 15 week old who wants his Momma, I frequently baby wear. Both my boys need my attention since Daddy’s at work 100+ hours a week at the fire department. We all make sacrifices, daddy works alot so Mommy can stay home with the boys. But there’s tons of stuff to be done in the day. Cleaning, cooking, learning time, laundry and grocery shopping, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t wear my baby.

  84. I have a 2.5-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old son. I wear the 4-month-old a lot because my toddler generally likes to walk, but sometimes she gets tired and lately she’s been feeling jealous of her brother being worn, I think. I’ve taken to popping her in my ring sling from time to time but I would love to have something that I could use to wear her for longer stretches. I think we would both really enjoy it!

  85. Carye Clarke Howerton on

    Babywearing always settles my little one. It also helps me stay involved with my toddler bc the baby can be included.

  86. Rebecca Fitzgerald on

    Babywearing has really helped me with my youngest. I can attend to my oldest and still bond with the baby. Plus I have hands again!

  87. My favorite part about baby wearing was how much more convenient it is than a stroller at many events. My daughter is now 4 but hoping to do more baby wearing with future #2

  88. Jodie Young Dardeau on

    immobilizing my toddler is crucial to our family survival sometimes. he’s my fourth. sometimes i need him tucked safely into baby jail. i need this.

  89. Cydnee Pletcher on

    Hoping to babywear all the time when #2 gets here. Chasing a toddler with an infant is going to suck without a good carrier.

  90. Katie-Caleb Morris on

    I need this!!!! With a 3.5 yr old, 1.5 yr old and twin 5.5 month olds, somebody’s gotta be worn AT. ALL. TIMES!

  91. I also have three kids, the youngest of whom is 11 months and walking! This would be a huge help for our trip to the East Coast for Christmas (from California… With a plane change…)

  92. Makes grocery shopping easier, social gatherings, commercial travel, you name it. I’m sold. I wish everyone wore their babies!

  93. Darcie Hutzell on

    Helps me grocery shop, get my daily exercise, and maintain inner peace (kidding. I have a 17 month old. I lost inner peace a while ago! )

  94. I SOOO need this! I have a special needs baby who probably won’t walk until 3-4 years old… She is 15 months old now, and my back is paying for it!!

  95. My husband and I go on a lot of family trips, and used to use our baby carrier unfortunately it ripped. Now we have no carrier, and would be very grateful to own an Onya. It would be super helpful to have a carrier that will last and is durable.

  96. babywearing helps me get so much more work done around the house when I have a baby that only wants to be held and I love it for going out to shop, festivals or even just walks

  97. Babywearing gives me the freedom to do all the things a mom has to do (i.e. grocery shopping, cooking – albeit very carefully with a 4 month old strapped on to me, cleaning, laundry etc.) and it keeps my daughter happy because she gets to be carried :).

  98. Babywearing gives me the freedom to do all the things a mom has to do (i.e. grocery shopping, cooking – albeit very carefully with a 4 month old strapped on to me, cleaning, laundry etc.) and it keeps my daughter happy because she gets to be carried :).

  99. Maeghyn Koehler on

    My son is a “well-loved” little guy and needs constant attention. It would make getting stuff done so much easier!

  100. Jessika Bumgarner on

    Because of baby wearing, I’ve been able to get (a little) cleaning done and prepare food for myself, my husband, and daughter since my son was born 4.5 months ago. It also gives me the opportunity to interact with my daughter while baby is sleeping.

  101. Shawna Parrish on

    I would love to win this! I have a 3.5 month old and I have just gotten into baby wearing. My son is so attached to me. I have to be so careful about what carrier I use though bc I have a horrible back. I have degenerative disk disease, I have had one surgery on my spine already and they are trying to hold off on the rest for now. I have tried Moby and it just doesn’t work for me. I have hear that the Onya baby is AMAZING though!

  102. We just had our 7th baby and this carrier would be so awesome and would help me get back to doing my house work and walking again! It looks comfy!

  103. I would love this. Baby wearing would help us go out in public better. I hate people just coming up and touching my little man, and this always happens in his stroller. Keeping him close would help stop that I believe. 🙂

  104. Rachel Rayray Montana Cruz on

    I start wearing my babes as soon as they’re on the outside because it makes them feel like they’re still on the inside! We can cuddle ask day long and I can still do errands or keep up with my bigs all while hands free. There is nothing better!

  105. Samantha Fannin on

    It would totally help me because sometimes my son just wants to be close to me, but I have things I need to get done around the house!

  106. My daughter and i love to get outdoors for hikes but she’s outgrown her current ssc. I’d love to upgrade to an Onya NextStep

  107. Ashlee Marie Hinojosa on

    i wish i could give away carriers every time i see mothers holding babies for extended periods of times! my toddlers gymboree class requires that mommas with babes must wear or carry the baby the entire time. they will run out and yell at you if that baby touches the ground for a moment. Babywearing is a must have for me!

  108. Margaret Grote on

    I wear to keep my yr old close for easy nursing and be able to keep a secure hands on my big girl when out and about. Has saved me with a second kiddo!

  109. Christine Walsh on

    I wore my 9 month old to help my best friend move into her first house–and when we move next year, I’ll be wearing my NEW 9 month old, most likely!

  110. Tirzah Joy Palczynski Katz on

    i baby wear EVERY SINGLE DAY. being in the city, and having a 4 year old, preschool drop off is just silly with a stroller. or on the subway, or when the little one is being a stinker. 😉

  111. I had to wear my you gets as a new born because I always wanted to be held and I had a toddler to care for too. Now that he’s 11 months and teething he wants to be held again, all.the.time. So I wear him to get things done like dinner making and chores.

  112. When my daughter was little and wanted to be held ALL THE TIME I would wear her so I could make dinner. It really helped.

    I’m about to have my second and plan to babywear him also.

  113. Christina Finney on

    I can go hiking at my pace.. or at least my 4 year old’s pace… And I don’t have to worry about my 1 yr old crawling off into poison ivy if he’s strapped to my back!

  114. Dalyn Hughes Ash on

    Baby wearing helped me climb up part of Mauna Kea, this summer, but he’s reaching toddlerdom, so a bigger SSC would be fabulous/to reach new heights!

  115. Corissa Light-Moses on

    I wear my 6mo old son all the time to keep my hands free to get stuff done around the house and errands with my 3yr old in tow

  116. Wendy Chapdelaine on

    babywearing has helped me because my son wants to be held ALL the time, so without babywearing i would not get anything done.

  117. I have a 3 year old, a 16 month old (who is a big time mama’s boy) and a 15 month old. There’s a new baby expected in February. As a foster mommy of soon to be 4, this would save my life!

  118. I have 4 daughters at home and while I would love to grow an extra set of arms (or two!) until then babywearing is really the only way to get anything done 🙂

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  120. My baby is going through a “don’t put me down” phase, and I still have a preschooler to care for and a household to run (well, attempt to run). A baby carrier allows me to keep the baby happy and still get stuff done.

  121. I babywear any time we head to the store. It keeps my toddler from running around and makes nap time easy. We don’t have to head home for his naps.

  122. Michelle Holmstrom on

    I have worn each of my five babies over the last 11 years. My fourth was (and still is) especially crazy active, and a sling was the only way she would calm down when over-excited. It became her safe, calm space. I was so sad when she outgrew babycarrying. She still snuggles lots though 🙂

  123. While our little one hasn’t been born yet, I know we’re going to be babywearing! I can see how beneficial it will be to getting things done.

  124. My husband and I heard how cumbersome strollers can be and really want to avoid having an excess of items we don’t need. We live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment that is starting to get overrun with baby items and this would be the perfect item to help with our needs. A friend had given me a moby wrap but quite honestly I am scared that if I don’t tie it properly I will drop the baby! I love the security this seems to have.

  125. When my second baby was born. I had to babywear to get anything done. He was always so comfortable in the carrier and I was able to clean while chasing a toddler around. Definitely a must

  126. I too have moved with an infant and without babywearing, it would not have happened! I have the onya cruiser and absolutely love it. I wish there was a way to trade up to the next step for hip carry though. Our family take hikes every weekend in Rocky Mountain and the carrier is the only way my toddler can go. Now we expecting another baby at the same time as another military move. Not excited about traveling with a newborn, but I plan on carrying as much as possible!

  127. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski on

    I have 3 boys, and toddler wearing means I can still chase the other two while out in public. Evens the odds a little 😉

  128. I have three kids 3 yrs and under, so baby wearing is really helpful in letting me get things done! But I only have a wrap, which my youngest has nearly outgrown!

  129. Michelle Oberg on

    Every time I see someone in the grocery store trying to hold a fussy toddler while checking out or with a screaming baby in the cart I think of how much easier their lives would be with a carrier. I just click her on and go. In fact she is napping in her pouch as I type this. Life without babywearing would be miserable.

  130. Brandi Swanson on

    For the exact same reason you posted! We have traveled and moved a lot since my daughter has been born due to the military. babywearing is a savior!

  131. Babywearing, I’m expecting, will be very helpful to me when #2 comes along so I can keep him with me but still be able to play with my toddler.

  132. I love babywearing! I have 3 boys, and the oldest is 3! I wear either my baby or toddler depending on our needs. My toddler had a bone tumor removed from his leg about 2.5 months ago and I have to be careful with how far he walks and how hard he plays. I also babywear or toddler wear one child, and push the other 2 in our double stroller on outings. It’s musical chairs!! 🙂

  133. Babywearing helps me get the dishes clean/laundry done, especially now that I have two kids (toddler and newborn). It also allows me to play with my oldest while the little one sleeps.

  134. I would not be as calm as I am with THREE BOYS if not for baby-wearing. Baby Ben, almost 7 months, is always worn at the grocery store, the vet, the elementary school, the park…you name it. And he is always so happy next to Momma too 😉

  135. Baby wearing helps me to be close to my daughter and to be able to get things done at the same times while being hands free.

  136. Today my little was miserable with a cold and fever, and babywearing not only helped her stay calm, but was the only way I could get anything done.

  137. MarkandKeara Biller on

    Babywearing has helped me immensely with my second child. I can now chase around my 3-year-old and my baby girl is content to be next to mama. 🙂

  138. Babywearing is how I chase my preschooler while keeping close to a toddler (close as in on my back!). It also allows me to pick them up from day care without a stroller. We definitely need a toddler-sized carrier. 🙂

  139. We lost our home to a fire when our youngest was almost 4 months old, our middle was 2 years old, and our oldest was a few days shy of turning 7 years old. We had to live in a hotel room for a while, and I’m not sure how we could have done it without babywearing!

  140. my boy is due in january and i would love to babywear to help keep him close while doing all the things i need to do to keep up with the house!

  141. Dominica Hagelberg on

    Our first son wasn’t a fan of baby wearing when he got older than newborn days. We were bummed. This time I want to really try harder to find the right carrier for our second baby, due Feb 2015.

  142. Jodi Armstrong on

    Babywearing helped when little one was tiny & wanted to be held & close 24/7… she has outgrown our carrier but i’d love a toddler friendly one as she can only hike so far & it’s hard to hike & carry her in my arms for long distances

  143. I am pregnant with my first child, and I’m looking forward to babywearing. Not only for the closeness with baby, but because then I can get some stuff done at the same time.

  144. Courtney Drummond on

    Would love to try this with my 20 month old. Haven’t worn him in over a year. Just don’t have the right carrier.

  145. Jessica Hughes on

    I don’t know how I would get things done around the house, or grocery shop with my two rambunctious kids, without babywearing! It’s amazing!

  146. Brittany Crews on

    We just moved too and my husband and I were saved by babywearing. I also wear him anytime we leave the house, it makes life so much easier.

  147. Happily Southern on

    I wore my little brother during some of his chemo treatments… and while we were at home, since he liked to be close and snuggle. Somewhere I have a picture wearing him while making Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago. He loved ‘helping’ and being close.

  148. melissa bottorff on

    My first daughter had colic and wearing her was the only way that i could get her to stop screaming…I think i live with her attached me to at all times. She is now three and love to ride in my “backpack” I have a two year old as well and have gotten really strange looks while tandem wearing them at the mall!

  149. When my son was really sick and we were going for test after test (different floors, same building), I wore him because he was so heavy he couldn’t keep walking without being tired or sore. (tests showed kidneys were not functioning properly which is why he was so bloated). It saved me, again, during the week-long stay at children’s when my daughter (16mo) was wanting to go somewhere other than the room my toddler was in.

  150. Kimberly Mayer on

    With an energetic 5 year old running around, I sometimes need to keep the little one close. Baby wearing is a life saver!

  151. Baby wearing is the most natural thing you can do with baby next to breastfeeding. I’ve never met a baby who didn’t want to suckle and be held! I love wearing my baby around but she is getting too heavy for my sling I made, so I need a more sturdy baby carrier, like this one 🙂

  152. Shilo Wheatley on

    I am expecting baby #4 and my toddler is looking forward to being mommy’s lil helper, I know I’ll have to keep baby close at all times so a baby carrier would definitely help!

  153. My 5 month old would greatly prefer that I hold her 24/7. Not that SOMEone hold her, just me. :/ Baby wearing has been a lifesaver!

  154. Brandy Luangrath on

    I’m a busy mom of toddlers… How has babywearing not helped me? We love it! We travel often and babywearing is a life saver. We would love to win a onya!

  155. Ireane Contreras on

    We recently moved across an ocean. Babywearing is the only way I’ve been able to get anything unpacked. I have to rotate between the 3 year old and the new baby.

  156. I have a 2 year old who still wants to be held often as well as a 9 month old who already thinks he needs to stand, cruise, and yes, try to make it up the stairs. I need an extra set of hands badly! This would help so much!

  157. Itzel Santiago on

    I currently have a sling because my baby is still tiny and it helps a lot. I am able to have both of my hands free which makes life a whole lot easier for me.

  158. Kari Elena Williams-Barney on

    Baby wearing saved my life! My little guy is super attached, and without baby wearing I never would have got anything done! Unfortunately, he’s still this way at 18 months old, but I don’t have a carrier that works will with his age 🙁 I also miss that bonding so very much

  159. Tandem wore my 2 yr old and my 4 month old today because they were both crying. My old hand me down SSC is no longer big enough for the 2 yr old 🙁

  160. My younger ones never took to baby wearing much. But my littlest loves it! And it allows me to keep my hands free to grab #2 before she runs into traffic. Ha!

  161. Babywearing has saved us countless times with my rambunctious DS. He’s almost 4 and we still wear occasionally, like when we’d rather not lose him at a crowded festival, or when his legs get tired after walking the zoo. I’d love to have an Onya for our twins we are expecting in June!

  162. My son doesn’t like either of the carriers I’ve gotten for him 🙁 I would love to win this, I loved wearing my daughter and I want that for my son too!

  163. I definitely need a way to baby wear with a new little one, twin toddlers and a hubby who is deployed 9 or more months out of the year. Itakes life so much more hands free friendly, I can clean prep food and just function better when I carry youngest. But with back issues a baby carrier with lumbar support is necessary. I’d love to win one, I know it get great use from us( one of my twins still loves being worn). Cross my fingers.

  164. We are ready to take on anything the day has to offer! We’ve gone to concerts, hiked, visited museums, gone to the zoo, and climbed many stairs! I get extra snuggles and don’t need to fuss with a stroller…its win win!

  165. I have 2 babies 19 months apart, so I’m constantly needing to immobilize at least one of them. I can’t imagine doing most of my daily tasks without keeping (usually my almost 1 year old) on me so that they don’t combine their destructive powers while I’m occupied.

  166. Tracy Sullivan on

    “Toddler Immobilizing” would definitely help me get TONS more done around the house while getting some extra cuddle time in as well…bonus!

  167. i could get housework done without my toddler making messes behind me, and shopping would be easier since she refuses to ride in a cart

  168. Jennifer McNamara on

    My son is into EVERYTHING and is a giant moose of a toddler…I NEED something to contain him and save my arms so I can actually get stuff done. Please help!

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