Why I’m Okay With Stitch Fix’s Prices, And My October Box

I got my October box of Stitch Fix clothes last week, delivered to my door step between home showings. And then I was super bummed because I had to wait all day to open it and try on my stuff! Because, you know, selling a house and keeping it clean and all that.

Am I the only one who physically can not get dressed without tearing my closet/bathroom apart? And when I’m trying on my SF stuff, I get so excited that there is no way I’m hanging stuff up in between pieces. I’m just tossing it on the bed, over the shower, etc.

So I finally got it all on, and photographed, and then I was like, GASP, I still haven’t told y’all about my trip to the Stitch Fix HQ and warehouse last month!

Because, you know, selling a house and actually going crazy and all that.

All the excuses are mine.

Anyway, because I know some of you are interested, here’s the rundown of what they sent me this month, a condensed version. (But certainly not lacking in awkward posing on my part while Scott shoots. This ritual is basically the opposite of foreplay between us.)

October Stitch Fix

1. Just Black, Adorra skinny jeans, $88 Cute fit. Love them. But I have enough skinny jeans. Going to ask for boyfriend jeans next time because I’m becoming adventurous like that. Send back.
2. Market and Spruce, Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank, $54- I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless tops, but this will be cute under a cardigan for the fall. I adore the pop of color and pattern on it. Keep.
3. Loveappella, Will Mixed Material Knit Top, $58-
 I like the stretchy fit and the fun texture. Good layering piece. Keep.
4. Kut From The Kloth, Tatiana Graphic Print Button Front Blouse, $68-
I really wanted to love this one because it was so pretty in the box. But my boobs are dream killers. Send back.
5. RD Style, Meredith Faux Leather Elbow Patch Cardigan, $68-
Obsessed. Elbow patches. Just like the one I added to my Pinterest board recently. Y’all, seriously, make a board for your stylist. Keep. Obviously.

Now, onto the trip.

I don’t want to go on and on about how lovely it was, and how much they spoiled us. They DID spoil us, and it WAS so lovely. And I’m sure most of you would already figure that about what is, quite honestly, a media trip meant, in part, to drum up positivity about their brand.



So yes, there were fancy dinners, and lovely gifts, and there was a trip to the dry bar, and a makeup artist, and a professional photo-shoot.

Jill Krause- BabyRabies.comJill Krause- BabyRabies.com

Hello, new headshot.

And there was sight seeing…


and a lovely row home that I shared with 6 other positively amazing, kind bloggers (Erin, Jen, Kilee, Molly, Natalia, & Veronika).

#stitchfixvacay photo shoot

What I want to tell you all the most about this trip, though, was how I came away with so much respect for Stitch Fix as a brand and an employer.

Stitch Fix Warehouse

As a brand, it was clear that they are always working to evolve and grow.

#stitchfixvacayI got to pack a fix! It’s actually quite a workout and test of one’s attention to detail.

We questioned them about expanding to serve larger sizes, internationally, men, maternity. It’s all stuff they seem to be considering. They explained that they are very intentional about making sure they can do something right before taking it on. And I can definitely understand that line of thinking.


Getting a little background on the Stitch Fix story and their plan for the future over a picnic lunch

They have to research the right brands, and make sure they make quality clothes that will work. They have to be sure shipping internationally can be done in a timely fashion that works with their business model. The last thing they want to do is grow too quickly, it seems, and have the customer experience lack because of that.

Stitch Fix Stylists

There’s a lot to take into account, and after seeing how massive the backend of their operation is, I can understand why it’s SO much more work than many of us realize.

But they listened to all of our suggestions, and answered every question honestly. They even spoke openly about that time a blogger (and friend of mine) got a pair of shorts with a Nordstrom Rack tag on it with a price cheaper than they were charging. You can hear more about their explanation here. (And yes, I’m totally buying their reasoning, especially after seeing up close how they operate.)

Stitch Fix Warehouse

As an employer, I have to say, they seem pretty kick ass. From the fully stocked break rooms in both the headquarters and the warehouse, to the fun, casual atmosphere, it appears to be a really great place to work.

Stitch Fix Headquarters

After getting to know so many people who make Stitch Fix run smoothly, including a lot of tattooed musicians packing boxes of clothes at the warehouse, you can tell that employees from all steps in the process take tremendous pride in what they do. And it’s clear that Stitch Fix values them.

Stitch Fix Warehouse

Break time jam sesh at the Hizzy (warehouse)

Honestly, it all made me feel even better about supporting them, and about giving my money to a company that is founded by a woman, employs stylists who get to work from home at hours that are convenient for them, and helps artists and musicians keep a steady paycheck while pursuing their passions.

So while, yes, I can find clothes similar* to these for cheaper if I do the digging, I feel good knowing that I’m not just paying for awesome clothes AND a styling service from Stitch Fix, but I’m also helping them do the great things they do, both as a brand and an employer.

Oh look. Looks like they drummed up some positive press from me anyway. Totally deserved, in my opinion. Full disclosure- they paid for my trip out to San Francisco, but I wasn’t compensated for this post or even required to write it. And I don’t get free fixes from them, just in case you were wondering, but I do get credits for people signing up for SF under my referral link.

*Rest assured that if you find a piece  Stitch Fix sent you for a cheaper price elsewhere within 7 days of receiving it, they will match that lower price, and adjust it for all future clients.


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  1. Jill,

    I love reading about your Stitch Fix boxes and after your first post about getting to visit their headquarters and it being in SF (where I live), I decided to look into applying to be a stylist. Just finished my interview over the weekend and true to their flexible work from home at your time stylist schedule, the interview was an online one way type that I recorded from home via webcam on Sparkhire.com.

    I used to be an apparel buyer for Kmart but had to leave that position for work/life balance reasons and I miss the fashion world. This is a perfect way to get back into it and make other women feel great around a schedule that allows me time with my busy husband and stepson. Hopefully I will be creating fabulous boxes for you and others soon. Thank you so much for blogging about this!

  2. i love reading about you’re fixes. However, SF is totally out of my price range. I really wish I could but there’s no way. So I started looking around for other options. I found Twice. I’ve only ordered once but loved it. I wouldn’t have even thought to look for an afordable option had you’re posts not intrigued me so much.

  3. I love SF. I have been getting their boxes for 8 or 9 months. I got the sleeveless top in my last box and I love it. I don’t like sleeveless tops either but I wear a black cardigan over it with skinny jeans and zebra flats. So fun!

  4. I love how genuine and transparent you are. That trip looks like it was a blast and I will admit I still excitedly click on your Stitch Fix unboxings to see what you get each month!

  5. Sounds amazing– can’t wait ’til they have plus sizes, because I could really use this styling help. Great to hear a back story and I love to support women-owned companies and I love that stylists can work from home. As a mom who just went into a flexible work week (3 days in office, one at home), I am glad to hear about flexible companies.

  6. I am so glad you had a good experience there! I just applied for a job at Stitch Fix and now I am even more excited about it! Always love reading your posts! 😉

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