We’re In Love With This Evolved Swaddle- A Giveaway {contributor}

Contributor Suzanne is back with LOADS of ovary-bursting pics of baby Linc. You’ve. Been. Warned. And also! A sweet giveaway from a fantastic company that makes a really exciting product. Read on for more details….


Ever since he was born, it was pretty clear Linc was an arms-up baby.

1-Arms Up Baby

Thanks to Love To Dream USA for sponsoring this post!

It’s adorable. I obviously love it, since these are all photos I found on my phone. My instagram is full of them. There’s just something about the way some babies fling their arms up. And it’s such a baby thing – my 3 year old still sleeps like that sometimes but my 5 year old never does. It is definitely not a habit I want to discourage.

One of the disadvantages of an arms-up baby is their tendency to break out of swaddles. Linc was escaping the hospital blanket baby burrito at a week old (bottom row of the collage!) and started working his way out of the velcro kind after two weeks. It wasn’t the hitting himself in the face that woke him up, it was the struggle. Little man hates a struggle.

Enter the SwaddleUp. Truthfully, I had one that someone gave me, pulled it out to give it a shot and after just a couple nights I was a convert. So when Love To Dream offered to send me more and asked me to share my experience I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Let me count the ways I love the SwaddleUp. It has a zipper, so it’s crazy easy to get it on the baby. It has a bottom zipper, so you can zip it up from the legs and change a diaper without ever releasing their arms. I’ve changed diapers without ever even waking the baby up, like a stealthy diaper changing ninja. It’s so soft and stretchy, I’d sort of like it to come in my size. And it keeps my baby from hitting himself in the face or startling himself awake, so he – AND I – get lots of sleep.

Plus he looks super adorable with his widdle baby wings. Wook at the wings! (I’m sorry, his face makes me talk like that. I can’t even stop.)
love to dream swaddleup_-6

love to dream swaddleup_-2

love to dream swaddleup_-3

love to dream swaddleup_-8

I just started putting him in the SwaddleUp 50/50 instead of the full SwaddleUp every night. It’s the same shape, but with zip-off arm wings, so you can let one arm (or both arms) free. I love it just as much as a sleep sack as I did as a swaddle, and being able to ease the transition one arm at a time is such a smart idea. Linc really loves these swaddles and anything that makes baby happy makes mama happy. Because, sleep.

Right now Love To Dream is having a fun Instagram giveway. Just share your photo of your own arms up baby and you could win a Love To Dream Prize Package valued at over $90. To enter: Follow @lovetodreamusa on Instagram. Post a photo of your baby with their arms up, tag @lovetodreamusa and use #armsupbaby

Winners are drawn weekly through October. Contest details here – http://bit.ly/1rC41Z3

And you can see more pictures of my own arms up baby by following me on instagram: @bebehblog

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  1. my first son hated being swaddled from the beginning. My second son is due in Feb and I have a feeling (based on how he moves in the womb, so scientific:) that he will be a swaddle baby.

  2. My second is due in March and if he is anything like his big brother he will be swaddled for as long as humanly possible!

  3. Kathleen Villar on

    I attempted to swaddle my youngest (of three) in an effort to make him a better sleeper. He loved to have his arms up though and fought the swaddle. I gave up and he sleeps like his siblings- sometimes good and sometimes not so good. 🙂

  4. Meghan Louise Gray on

    My sister is expecting her third and one of these would be so nice to give her for a new baby gift. Her other two LOVED to be swaddled, so I’m sure it will be the same with the new one.

  5. So adorable! We called our daughter “Houdini” for her uncanny Swaddle escape skills. The Swaddle Up was truly amazing for that! We are now ready for the 50/50 with the Merino cover b/c it’s starting to get chilly! Brrrrr!!!!

  6. I have swaddled all of mine, due with #4 any day now. All of my kids loved their arms out or up above their heads. This looks awesome.

  7. I plan to swaddle my baby! I saw these online a couple months ago and thought it was a great idea, and when I saw one in person a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be going on our registry. They’re such great quality, and I can’t wait to swaddle our little one in them!

  8. We swaddled our first and definitely plan to swaddle the next one if it seems to help. Anything to get a little more sleep for baby and momma!

  9. Love it! Seriously! I’ve been looking for something like this. Wish I had it for my first few babies! We used another swaddle that went out of buiness so we can’t get it anymore.

  10. My 1st never liked to be swaddled. She was a terrible sleeper. My second liked it but had crazy strong arms. I had to “straight-jacket” her in a swaddle. She was a good sleeper. My third will be swaddled because I sm convinced it makes a difference in quality of sleep!

  11. I swaddled both my babes. With my second I discovered the wonderfulness (totally a word) that is the swaddle me blanket but I had babies who liked to sleep arms up so this would have been perfect for them!

  12. Cassandra Eastman on

    I have swaddled my babies, but had a hard time keeping them swaddled. I plan on using something more simple like this with baby #3!

  13. Lynnette Skelton on

    I tried swaddling but my boys bust out of them to have their arms up! I am definitely going to try this with number three due in April!

  14. Used these with my first but because they were borrowed from my sister-in-law, they had some wear that eventually made them tear on the hands where babies suck their hands 🙂 My next is due in February and I would LOVE to use them again!

  15. Hayley Marie Baker on

    Ahh… I wish I had this for my first baby who was always escaping from his swaddles. I’d love to have one for my soon to come baby that seems even more squirmy than his brother was. 🙂

  16. Jennifer Ens Michalowski on

    I have swaddled and one of these amazing swaddles is on my wish list for when this baby girl arrives!!

  17. Marie-Claire Carey on

    I swaddled my daughter until she started to fight her way out… so she could have her arms up! Can’t wait to try these with her baby brother due in a few weeks!

  18. Danielle DenikaRae on

    Yes we swaddled our first for 3 months and our second seems to want to be swaddled longer and he’s almost 4 months

  19. My daughter is six months old and we still swaddle her! Because, you know, sleep. She escapes quickly, though, and is still waking up every 2 hours. Definitely going to have to try this little contraption!

  20. Nichole Cuorato on

    Both of my boys were arms up babies and never could be swaddled. This mama was always exhausted due to them constantly startling themselves awake. I’m due with #3 in December and am adding this to my “must buy” list

  21. Shantelle Gray on

    I swaddled with our daughter but it wasn’t arms up and she fought to get out. I’m having a boy in December and I read about the saddle up in a magazine at my last sono. Would love to try this with our new baby!

  22. Yes! We swaddled for naps and overnight sleeping for both of our boys and it was definitely a lifesaver! They both attempted wiggling out some and if we weren’t especially diligent in swaddling tightly there were instances they broke free in some of the blankets we used, so this definitely looks like a great alternative!

  23. Jennifer Alexander on

    I swaddled my first and plan to do the same thing with my second. I would love to try out this swaddle as it has room for the arms. My LO was always getting his arms out!

  24. We swaddled both of our babies, and even got the Velcro swaddlers so they couldn’t break loose as easily. I wish this had been around when they were babies! It would have made my life SO much easier. I’d love to get this for the next one. 🙂

  25. These would have been AMAZING for our daughter. Entering to hopefully win one for #2 who will be arriving soon!!

  26. Aimee Beneke Stir on

    I recently stopped swaddling because he likes to sleep with his hands up by his head. Which is the exact reason why I had to have a c-section! He flipped right before my induction and they tried a version but he wouldn’ budge. Come to find out his arms were up by his head when they pulled him out!

  27. My son is 2 weeks old and is just starting to try to escape the swaddle. This sounds like the perfect thing for him!

  28. This looks great! We are expecting our first little guy in February so I’ve been on the lookout for helpful products 🙂

  29. Tiffany Chilvere on

    My little one loved to be swaddled up until around 4 months. Now she doesn’t need it all the time, but sometimes when she’s fussy it still helps. Would love to win one of these for my new nephew coming in March!

  30. Brianna Santiago on

    I swaddled my most recent baby girl and she loved it up until recently. She’s a total arms up baby and shes grown to hate the traditional swaddle now. We definitely need a new device because she’s either waking herself up and getting upset because shes too confined or she’s waking herself up from startling sounds and movements. I have to constantly put my hand or hands on her at night for her to calm down again.

  31. You know, we never really swaddled my first son because he always broke out of the swaddles. I don’t know why I never tried any of the more advanced swaddle blankets like this one. Something to try for baby # 2 due in January!

  32. We swaddled our daughter but her arms always escaped. This would’ve been the perfect swaddle for her! Hopefully we will win one for baby boy that’s due in a couple of months.

  33. These swaddles look A-maze!! Swaddling is a true lifesaver in my book… I would love to swaddle our babes on the way in one of these soon! Thanks for the sweet chance!

  34. Jennifer Sharp on

    Oh yes it always helped my girls sleep better and I intend on swaddling baby boy when he gets here in a few weeks

  35. Tiffany Corey Holtzinger on

    Yes! I’ve swaddled all four of my babies and plan to with baby #5 (who’s due to arrive in January).

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