The One Day App Is My New Digital Hoarding Obsession

I’m a self-diagnosed digital hoarder. My computer files are probably hiding hundreds of dead, flat cats. My desktop (the one on my computer screen) is a virtual fire hazard. I have so many pics on my iPhone that I’d rather just pay for a more expensive one with more memory next time than delete any of them.

I’m a sucker for capturing the everyday moments, and I’m grateful for the memories that hog my disk space. I may not have baby books for any of the kids, but my Instagram archives tell their stories better than any pen on paper could.

I have dozens of small videos of little moments of them each as babies. Like this one I captured of Lowell the other day…

I noticed as I went through my piles of digitized memories the other day, though, that the videos of the kids decrease dramatically as they get older. There’s no more hurry to switch to video to capture the cute milestones. Most of the time, they aren’t interested in even doing anything for the camera. I have to snap the majority of their pictures on the sly.

But I do still want to capture these ages and stages on video, knowing I will cherish hearing those little voices coming out of mouths with missing teeth someday.

One Day app makes it easy and fun to interview your kids or yourself, and it's FREE! -

When the creator of the One Day app told me how easy it is to use his app to create creative, fun, short videos by interviewing my kids (or even myself!), I was immediately intrigued. And I’m really excited they are sponsoring this post today because I know a lot of you are going to have so much fun with this.

I made about 5 videos with Kendall yesterday, including this one all about the future, according to him.

I actually had no idea he wants to be a firefighter and a policeman! Also, I didn’t catch this on camera, but right after he said maybe he’d marry his little brother, he looked at me and said, “What? Some boys marry other boys.”

I mean. Could not be prouder!

One Day app makes it easy and fun to interview your kids or yourself, and it's FREE! -

One Day app makes it easy and fun to interview your kids or yourself, and it's FREE! -

So basically it was a fun exercise in having, like, a real discussion about real stuff, disguised as this video we made together. But also with the added bonus of the video that I’ll get to hoard forever (and back up in case all my hoarding leads to my computer/phone crashing).

The app is FREE! Unfortunately for you android users, it’s only for iPhone right now, but they are growing fast, so maybe it won’t be long before it’s available to everyone.

It’s really simple to use. My biggest hangup was making enough room in my camera roll to store the videos. Obviously. But you just ask each question, then record the responses. The app takes care of the rest for you, including adding background music and piecing everything together.

There are plenty of sets of questions to choose from. I’m looking forward to doing the animal sounds one with Lowell as soon as he gets to that point. And there’s a Halloween one! I think I might be adventurous and try that one on Kendall and Leyna at the same time.

There are sets of questions for literally all ages. You can even put together a video of your newborn, though clearly they aren’t actually answering questions for you. Instead, you’re recording things like their coo, and their smile.

I easily uploaded these to YouTube from my phone, but you can also share via a link One Day provides you. That way you can control who you send the link to, and don’t have to worry about who can view it from public platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Here’s the link to Kendall’s video.

We hare having so much fun with this. I am pretty sure you all will, too! Go! Download it!

Thanks to One Day for sponsoring this post. I love to get paid to tell you all about things that I’m excited about

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  1. So, I’m curious…can you choose the prompts by ages? I don’t have my iPad with me and my phone is android or I’d just download it and find out.

    Like can I go to prompts for things that would be something a typical of your average 2 year old or would I need to look around and find ones I think he could do?

  2. Love the idea of this. I need to look into it further. I’d be concerned if it all has to house on my phone. Now, if I can still take my photos/videos off my phone and not lose anything with this app, I’m game! 🙂

  3. Intruding cause I love this app too. I like to save the finished video to my camera roll them email it to myself, upload to YouTube, and/or Google plus and my computer. Then I can delete off my phone knowing I can easily access it elsewhere and still have space on my phone.

    Love love the app and your sweet adorable son Jill!

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