Simple, Whimsical Halloween Decorations

Now that our house is officially under contract (again- we’re hopeful it will stick the 2nd time around), we can loosen up a little with keeping this place looking generic and pristine.

And that is fantastic because I do love decorating for Halloween. I don’t go all out (like my friend Jen who is just… a Halloween machine), but I have fun adding simple, whimsical touches throughout the house.

The Original Monster Wreath-

Of course, it all starts with THE Monster Wreath. Often recreated (or blatantly ripped off by Target, but whatevs)….


Totally adding this to my media kit. I mean, not everyone has their blog post turned into something for profit by the Bullseye, right? This is me being zen about this. Zennnnnnn….

The Original Tulle Wreath-

This year, I also found the perfect spot for the tulle wreath that started it all. It’s been a while since I dusted it off, and it looks so lovely in our office.

Bixby The Black Cat Wreath-

Bixby the Black Cat wreath has taken up his old spot above the fire place again. His whiskers are looking a little raggedy this year. I think he’s been getting into mischief.

I was on The Broadcast yesterday (in DFW) showing off how to make him, but I tweaked his tutorial a bit to make it a little more simple, and a little more sophisticated. Here’s a tinier, less cartoony version hanging in our entry way.

Simple, Whimsical Halloween Decorations-

I’ve added the updated tutorial ideas to the original Bixby tutorial.


That pumpkin (funkin? the foam kind from the craft store) was a quick little DIY that required one bunch of black embroidery thread, and a handful of nails.

Easy string art pumpkin-

I didn’t even need a hammer. Just pushed them in.

Easy String Art Pumpkin-

I had plans to get super creative with different colors of thread and crazy face shapes, but then my “good enough” spirit took hold and I embraced him and his simplicity as part of my plan. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Simple, Whimsical Halloween Decorations

Minted sent me a fun surprise a couple weeks ago- a box full of Halloween paper decorations…

Minted Party Decorations- BabyRabies.comSimple, Whimsical Halloween decorations-

And even a fun Kiwi Crate for the kids to get crafty. 

Halloween Kiwi Crate-

All the little touches have added up to just the right amount of holiday fun around here, without being a ton of stuff I’ll have to take down before we pack and move, which will hopefully be RIGHT after Halloween. Eeeek!


If you’re interested in making any of these, here are the links to the tutorials:

Monster Wreath
Original Tutu Cute Halloween Wreath
Bixby The Black Cat Wreath

Also, here’s last year’s post with some fun, last minute pumpkin decor ideas.

And if you’re in the market for some last-minute help, and simply don’t want to DIY anything, my friends from Ribbon Parties have a GREAT flash sale going on!

RibbonPartiesBox1 for Halloween

Click here to buy this box- includes a banner, luminaries, and tissue poofs. Super fun for decorating!

RibbonPartiesBox2 for Halloween

And this box is ideal if you’re planning a party! Only $34, stocked with stuff for a party of 8.

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  1. Willow Matteson on

    Ugh kid fingers… “people copying you is the biggest form of flattery!” Though doing so for profit is not cool… boo on Target!

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