Selling The Reality (House For Sale Part 2)

While the pictures we are using to sell our house depict this place as “Pinterest Perfect,” clean, bright, and fresh, they are soulless compared to thousands that whoever buys this home won’t see.

There are things about this place that I wish I could convey to them, the realities, the things that make up the heart of this home.

From the meaningful messes…

DSC04457IMG_9067IMG_8858IMG_5760IMG_6615To the tantrums…


This house was not filled with perfection, and we are better for that. This house was chaotic, and borderline hazardous at times. This house was loud, and it smelled like… children lived here. And a little like dirty dishes sometimes.

And dogs.


This house is where we learned to be parents.




And where we learned how to live with very little sleep.

IMG_8892Nov12008 001

It’s where we all learned how to be a family…




And where each of our babies took their first steps…




These walls are painted in laughter…



And these floors are coated in bliss…


These yards grow flowers and fruit trees, fertilized by the sounds of children playing…


The reality of this house we are selling far exceeds the dream.

I wish I could put that in the MLS.

(For those wondering, the dream is actually doing a great job selling this place. We have multiple offers already!)

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  1. Such lovely snapshots capturing how a family fills a house and makes it their home. The imperfections are just as stunning as the happy moments! Perhaps you aren’t selling the dream but rather continuing it. 🙂

  2. Ok stop you are making me cry!!! Seeing how much my niece and nephews have grown! You rock for recording all of this! To see my brother with each baby walking love it priceless! Kendal and Scott in the fort /club house classic!! You are amazing

  3. Sorry didn’t get to finish wanted to say you are the best mama and thank you for all the pictures and videos! Time flies and it’s easy to forget!

  4. I was already thinking how your so-called reality really is the dream, and then you slipped that trick ending in there!

    So happy for you that it’s going well.

    You remind me how lucky we are, how truly blessed that this is the kind of lives our children have.

    In your poll a little while back, you asked about what kinds of things we want more of, but I don’t really care about topics or products or give-always, I really enjoy your writing. Even on topics I care nothing about, or don’t have anything to do with, like blogging, I enjoy what YOU write. This post reminds me of that.

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