In October We Do The Pumpkin Patch

It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we will always do, CHILDREN.

So every year. EVERY YEAR. I will drag your little whiney butts out of here and sit you on top of some pumpkins, and YOU WILL LIKE IT DAMMIT.

And there WILL be pictures. So, you know, just suck it up and get used to it. There will be pictures for years to come.


And I will dredge them up from the dusty corners of old hard drives and archaic Flickr accounts when you get married or any other time I’m presented with the opportunity to contribute to a slideshow with pictures of you that will make me misty eyed and long for these days again.


I mean, I’ll be drunk on nostalgia by then, clearly, and will have forgotten the sounds of your tantrums and what it feels like when you melt to jelly in the middle of the field, protesting.


Truly, it’s just, literally, like 10 minutes of your life. You give me TEN MINUTES to take pictures on pumpkins, and I give you an hour to run and play IN A FIELD OF PUMPKINS.


In a HOUSE made of PUMPKINS!


So please, enough already with the “I’m so tortured. My mom’s a blogger/photographer and is ALWAYS taking pictures of me, and it’s REALLY hard,”
act. Okay?

We all have our struggles.


I just want to document yours. In a field of pumpkins. EVERY. YEAR.


So yeah, yesterday was Pumpkin Patch day, and it was SO awful that I would actually like to go again just to try to make up for it.

I promise you, I did not force them to take pictures the whole time we were there. They were just… tired. All three fell asleep on the way there. Kendall was ESPECIALLY awful because of course because that’s what happens when I post about his amazing behavior improvements that very day. 

The silver lining was we had dinner at the new Modmarket just a few miles away from the pumpkin patch (in Flower Mound, TX). I’m part of their PR team, doing some blogger outreach here locally and helping organize events.

So I knew yummy food and wine and beer was just minutes away.


FYI, that’s a $2 glass of wine. So obviously that helped things. A lot.


We threw some pizza with corn and bacon on it at him…

I’ve deleted about 15 sentences I’ve typed out about Kendall now because each one could be used against me in the future and could wind up costing us thousands in therapy.


The bright side! I think we could eat free of guilt about calories because we all know that trips to the pumpkin patch with 3 kids are the equivalent to an hour of intense cardio.

Yeah, that’s their receipt with all the calorie and nutrition info about what we ordered on it. Cool or TMI? You tell me.

If you’re in the DFW area, and you like farm fresh food (or just really good food), you should definitely give Modmarket a try! I’m not just saying that because I’m working for them, though I do need to say that I am working for them because disclosure and all that.

But seriously, I LOVE this place and am begging them to open one near me. For now, the new Plano location (opened yesterday!) will have to do. You might just see me hanging out there with a glass of wine, a beet salad, my laptop, and NO CHILDREN very soon.

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  1. I miss seeing nutrition info on every menu since moving from California to Texas. I used to avoid so many more things, but now I eat like everything is the calorie equivalent of a rice cake! I wish there were more fresh healthy eateries like that one way down here in the bottom of this giant state.

  2. after this year, I seriously considered ‘giving up’ pumpkin patches. I thought, “why do we do this, maybe this is just a waste of time and energy… why am I here?…” Actually, the kids had fun, us parents were just cranky. They should serve wine at pumpkin patches.
    (this year and last we ended up at the pumpkin patch on the only unseasonably warm days in October, and we were so hot and sweaty. next year I will make sure to go if there is rain in the forecast, which is every other day in October- no crowds. and I will stick with the original plan to go DURING the football game, not after. Baby spoiled that plan this time and apparently the entire city went to the same pumpkin patch after watching our team lose….)

    I like the calorie info, but especially like the prices. Those are good deals!

  3. Padded Tush Stats on

    I feel like having the calorie information on the receipt is a bit too late (the damage has already been done!) but I’m a huge fan of places that have ALL the nutrition information easily accessible. I’ve had gestational diabetes twice and eating out was hard when I didn’t know how many carbs (or fat or protein) were in a meal. I’m thankful for places that have SOME information at least, but ideally every restaurant would have the nutritional information for everything they serve (including dressings and sauces!) accessible to consumers.

  4. So this may be a stupid question but do pumpkins not actually grow in Texas? Or did you just not take pics in the actual field?

    I love how Lowell is still all cooperative looking. Kendall isn’t in the bunny ear stage? I can’t get a pic of my kid and someone else without them.

    • Ha! No! I mean, maybe in some parts, but not here. All our “patches” up here are just fields with (purchased) pumpkins scattered about. And thank God he’s not hip to that trick yet!

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