Creative Pregnancy Announcements- Did You Pull One Off? {Contributor}

Big news from contributor Julie today! I have never been able to pull off anything more than a blank stare to tell my husband I’m pregnant. Sometimes I even accompany the blank stare with words like, “Uhhhh…” and “Shut up,” and my very favorite, “Holy shit.”

I love her creativity with these! (And a hefty dose of reality when it comes to the 2nd child. Ha!) Welcome to the world of 3 kids, Julie. Muahahahahahahahaha! 


Baby #3 is on the way!

The pregnancy test turned positive exactly two weeks after my husband left for a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan. Thank you for the going-away present, honey.

Picture #1

I could have told my husband the exciting news over the phone, but seeing that our kids dominate our Skype time, I decided to do something a little more creative. I took a picture of the pregnancy test, framed it, wrapped it and mailed it to my husband as a Father’s Day present.

Framed Pregnancy Test revealCreative pregnancy reveals have kind of become tradition with us. When I found out I was pregnant with Langston (#1), my husband was out of town for the weekend. I thought about calling him, but I knew he was going to be in conferences all day. I thought about texting him, but selfishly, I wanted to hear his reaction. So, knowing that I wouldn’t see him again until the following weekend, I devised a plan.

We were going to be spending the upcoming weekend at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN (you know, the one with the ducks). I called ahead to the fancy French restaurant there and concocted a plan with the restaurant manager.

Peabody Hotel Pre-KidsDon’t we just look so childless and well-rested?

When we sat down at dinner, the waiter came over to our table, and presented a bottle of Dom Perignon to my husband. He said, “Your wife called ahead and ordered one of our finest bottles for the evening. I think you’ll be quite happy with it.” My husband was glaring at me like, “Are you going to pay for this?” Then the waiter said, “Wait, I’m sorry. It wasn’t the Dom Perignon. It was this bottle.”

He presented another bottle to my husband and said, “Only the best varietals were picked in Northern California to deliver this bold and fruit-forward wine. 2009 was one of its best vintage years. Enjoy and congratulations.” Then he popped a bottle of Welch’s sparkling grape juice, poured two glasses and walked away.

My husband was bewildered, probably wondering if we still had to pay for the Dom Perignon. I said, “Do you get it?” No response. “Because we’re here to celebrate,” I smiled, “But I can’t drink alcohol.”

It seemed like forever passed, but it finally set in, a huge smile swept across his face, he kissed me on the cheek, and the entire staff circled around our table clapping. I knocked that one out of the park, if I do say so myself.

Grape Juice Pregnancy RevealFor Scarlet (#2), I broke the news over the phone in a tear-filled hormonal rage about who-remembers-what (sorry, middle child), but at least I captured this great photo of her proud big brother showing her off.

Picture #5 How did you tell your husband or your family that you were pregnant? I would love to hear some creative stories!

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  1. Sarah Harmeyer on

    I had custom fortune cookies made that said “Here comes trouble… baby Harmeyer arriving in 2014”. Since I didn’t know when I would be due I didn’t put the month. I figured out that it would at least be in 2014. Then I made my husband chinese food and gave him the cookie. He was shocked and deliriously happy.

  2. We weren’t trying to get pregnant, so all I could manage was to show him the positive pregnancy test as soon as he walked in the door and then proceeded to burst into (happy) tears. I’ll do something creative with #2 🙂

  3. Well.. I am 0-2 on creativity…
    1st pregnancy my husband had just left for his 4 on work week out of the area, I called him and cried “You are going to be so mad at me!” Needless to say he came home that night and told me infact he was not mad at me…
    2nd pregnancy ended in a miscarriage but I remember showing him the test (we were NOT trying) and saying – “So are we going to fight now or later?”
    We are trying now, so I am hoping I can get creative with this one 🙂 Although he said he wants to be in the room when I’m watching the stick change to negative or positive!

  4. At the time, I worked at an arts and crafts shop so when I initially suspected I might be pregnant, I used up a bunch of tiny scrap mat board to make a banner that said “it’s a fetus!” And put balloon bouquets on each side so when he walked in from work it was the first thing he saw. He got this giddy look on his face, turned bright red and said “what? Shut up!” Before giving me a hug in tears 🙂 it was the only thing I’ve been able to keep a secret about and the night before( when I knew and still hasn’t told him yet) he sniffed my hair and declared I was pregnant. Weirdo pregnant lady sniffer

  5. My first son is almost four. About a year ago, he was constantly asking for a sibling. I got him on video saying: “I just want a baby. Not a decoration [a word we use for something he isn’t allowed to touch] baby, not a toy baby. Just…a baby.” It was super cute but we were “one and done”. Fast forward 8 months and surprise! After getting over the shock I dug up that video and posted it on my blog without fanfare or any hint in the title, just a simple “he just might get his wish next Feb.” at the bottom of the post.

  6. Julie Sindora on

    For our first, we had conceived him in Vegas and my husband is a musician so we went with a music theme to tell my parents who live 2000 miles away. My convinced some close friends of theirs to make a breakfast date with them. They got together and a little ways into breakfast, the friend somehow got the conversation turned to concerts and then reached in his pocket saying, “Speaking of concerts, we won these tickets to a show in Seattle [where we live, not them] and thought you’d be more able to use them.” He pulled out the two fake concert tickets I had created. They looked exactly like concert tickets but read “J&S Creations presents VEGAS PROCREATION with special guest L’IL SINDORA live in Seattle on March 31, 2008” (pertinent information: I’m Julie, hubs is Scottie, our last name is Sindora as you can see from my post, baby was due 3/31/08).

  7. For baby #2, I took a picture of the positive pregnancy test and saved it as his desktop screen on his computer because I knew the second he would get home he’d sit down at the computer. It took him a few seconds to understand what he was looking at… For baby #1, I woke him up at 4:00 AM to tell him the good news, because that’s when I took the test… He assumed I woke him up to tell him the dog barfed in the living room… <---- yeah, that dog...

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