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Okay, the last 3 weeks have been BANANAS. Lots of travel, which has been equal parts YAY and Wait? What time zone am I in? Is it breakfast or bedtime?

But mostly YAY.

I’ll share more later this week about some of it, including how I, like, WENT TO Stitch Fix. Oh yes. I visited their offices and their warehouse and there was a photoshoot and OMG how is this my life?

For now, though, let me just go ahead and share what they sent in my September box because they nailed it and quite a few of you keep requesting to see these things.

 Stitch Fix- Daniel Rainn- Tara Abstract Print Roll Tab Blouse- $68

1. Daniel Rainn- Tara Abstract Print Roll Tab Blouse- $68
Oddly flattering despite it’s flowy shape. It’s really long in the back, giving my butt ample coverage in leggings, but also pairs well with my jeans. And I LOVE the print on this.

Stitch Fix 41Hawthorn- Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse- $58

2. 41Hawthorn- Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse- $58
This black top is a great staple. It’s a tiny bit snug on the boobs, but I’m hopeful it will fit better as my milk supply decreases or I lose a couple pounds. Please ignore my disappearing left breast in this pic. Not the best choice of bra for modeling in.

Stitch Fix- Fun2Fun- Erika Elephant Print Sleeveless Henley Blouse- $28

Stitch Fix- Fun2Fun- Erika Elephant Print Sleeveless Henley Blouse- $28

3. Fun2Fun- Erika Elephant Print Sleeveless Henley Blouse- $28
After my last Fix, I started a Pinterest board for my stylist to get a better idea of what I really want to try out. I pinned a shirt I loved from ModCloth with elephants on it. I just have a thing for elephants. So imagine my glee when I opened the box to find this top! And then imagine my audible joy to see that it was only $28! Total keeper. I don’t love it on it’s own because it’s a tad boxy, but paired with a cardigan? Swoon!

Stitch Fix- Margaret M- Duboce Straight Leg Jean- $68

4. Margaret M- Duboce Straight Leg Jean- $68
OMG, these jeans. These green jeans! My favorites for many reasons. For one, I would never pick green jeans for myself, but I love the color! The cut, the stretch- it’s all just perfect. But what makes these AMAZING is the stretchy waist. They just pull right on. No buttons or zippers! It’s like maternity pants, but not maternity pants.

Stitch Fix- 41Hawthorn- Carson Graphic Chevron Cross-Front Blouse- $64

5. 41Hawthorn- Carson Graphic Chevron Cross-Front Blouse- $64
I’m not actually trying to dance a jig in this picture. I just have NO idea how to pose for these things. Fashion blogger, I am not. Anyway, In theory, this top is great. It’s a good shape on me, and great, easy access for breastfeeding. I like the print and the color. It’s just too small on my boobs and does a weird peekaboo thing under them. It didn’t make sense to send it back, though, since I loved everything else. And I think I WILL love this, like with the black shirt, when my boobs calm down a little.

So, yup, I wound up keeping all 5 pieces this time. And that means I got the 25% discount. I’m so glad this box was a winner because I really needed some outfits to wear while I was traveling.

What I loved from my September Stitch Fix Box

I can’t wait to tell y’all more about my trip to San Francisco for the Stitch Fix Vacay. If you know me, you know that sometimes I get really passionate and excited about companies that I think are just plain awesome and doing it right. I’m officially there with Stitch Fix. From their story (woman-owned company WOOT!) to how they treat their employees to how obvious it is that they truly care about what they are doing and constantly working to make it better.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won’t right now. I’ll save that for later in the week when I have more time to talk about it.

Instead, let me end with a couple quick notes.

1. If you are a SF customer and don’t already have a Pinterest board linked to your account for your stylist to stalk, DO THAT NOW. I definitely noticed my stylist really took note of what I had on there before putting together this last Fix, right down to tracking down an elephant top and finding more bohemian-inspired prints for me.

2. This is not a low-budget service. It’s not. I get that $68 for a shirt is A LOT of money for many people. I get that you can buy 2-3 shirts for that if you shop the sales at certain stores. I get that not everyone can afford this every month.

That said, you don’t have to do this every month! IF you want to try it, and IF you can set aside $50-200 for yourself every few months, then do that. Have it come 3-4 times a year. Have fun picking out just one thing from the box if that’s all you can afford.

Just be sure to fill out a super detailed profile and create a Pinterest board with pics of yourself in stuff you love, and looks you love, and other Stitch Fix pieces you want to try. This will give your stylist an even better chance of nailing at least one piece in your box so you don’t lose your $20 styling fee.

Okay, if you haven’t signed up for Stitch Fix yet, and you want to, you can go here to do so. That’s my referral link, and I get a SF credit when people use it. And then after you sign up? You can share your link with friends and family and earn credits, too!

If you’re already a SF member, I’d love to hear what you got this month! Got a blog post about it? Link up in the comments!


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  1. I got the Daniel Rainn- Tara Abstract Print Roll Tab Blouse in my last box. It was more expensive than what I would normally pay for a top, but it looked good on and I get compliments on it all the time. So it was very much worth the money.

  2. Definitely like the things in your Sept. box- especially those green pants. Looking forward to hearing about the visit. I agree that the elephant print shirt looks better with a cardigan. Without it, it kinda looks like pediatric nurse scrubs or something (sorry).

  3. Too bad it’s not available in Canada. What a great service! I imagine it would be great for mums who don’t want to wrangle kids in the mall, and it sounds perfect for those like me far from a mall.

  4. I love this service as well. Thank you Baby Rabies for the suggestion. My Stitch Fix this month had a blue 3/4 sleeve stripped boat shirt that I LOVE! It also had a gorgeous pair of earrings unlike anything I have ever seen before, a super stretchy pair of maroon pants, a maroon pencil skirt, and a striped shirt with a flower background. (Not sure how to describe the last one). I loved most of the pieces but like you decided not to send the one item back because it didn’t make sense with the full purchase discount. This is my second month to receive my goodies.

  5. Those pants came in one of my boxes and I loved them so much, I asked them to send me another pair. Now I have them in red, too!

  6. I have read your blog for a long time (not a mom but totally am one in my heart) and I love you! Like, seriously. I get you. Also, I am a Stitch Fix stylist and I am SO happy to hear how happy you are! More words of advice for people wanting to sign up… There is no such thing as too much feedback about an item you liked or didn’t like. Squeezed your butt weird? Tell me! Was a hair too long in length but you decided to keep it because you are obsessed with cobalt blue? Tell me? Want to throw up when you see horizontal stripes? Tell me! 😉 Keep up the great work, girl!

  7. I like reading about stuff you write, even if it has no application for me.

    I never thought I’d use this, but you’ve got me thinking I might try it. I have been wanting more interesting tops for work. And I can’t find jeans that will stay up! Maybe they can help.

  8. So I googled “Margaret M- Duboce Straight Leg Jean” and the entire first page of results were posts about Stitch Fix shipments. funny.

  9. But googling “Margaret M jeans” got me to her website and she’s CANADIAN. So ironic but at least Canucks can get the jeans if they can’t get the SF yet.

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