I Need A Little Feedback And You Could Win $50

I launched a reader survey the other night. I posted the link on my FB page and have already received a tremendous amount of feedback. If you haven’t taken it yet, would you? It will only take a few minutes! And one person will win a $50 Amazon e-card.

You can answer the survey at this link.

As I mentioned on my FB post about it, I want to find out more about who my audience really is. I mean, I have my suspicions, but I could be totally wrong. I know that as this blog has grown, it’s evolved a bit, and I wonder if that’s the same with my audience.

And I want to know what you like, what you want to see more of, what you think of the new blog design, and how I can make the experience around here easier for you to navigate.

I’m hoping this helps me do a few things:

1. Tailor my sponsored content more. This blog is a full time job for me, and I make an income from it. I will always be upfront and honest about that. That said, I want to be sure the brands I partner with are a great, natural fit for me AND most of my audience, and that I’m working with brands in an authentic way that resonates with you all.

2. Make tweaks to the new design. I’m already hearing that it’s hard to find the newest post sometime, the mobile experience is a little confusing, and that people would like to see full posts in my RSS. Working on all 3 of those thanks to the feedback!

3. Get to know my audience better. I’m really excited to see that, so far, my audience seems to be pretty diverse when it comes to stuff like working out of the house or being a stay at home parent (pretty much split in half).

I still intend on telling my story here, obviously, and that won’t change no matter who my readers are, but for the extra stuff, I think this info will be pretty helpful, and I’d so appreciate a few minutes of your time!

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