Baby Blues? Or Browns? Or Maybe Greens?


Just curious. What color do you think his eyes are? What are they going to be? We can’t really tell.

I mean, they look greenish to me… I think?

But then I read this thing that said that the chance of a blue eyed parent and a brown eyed parent having a green eyed child is 0%. Soooooo… I’m just saying, I know, like FOR SURE, who my baby’s daddy is.


No really.

Scott thinks they might be turning brown, though.

Anyway, no other significance to this post. I adore this photo of him, and it so accurately shows the color of his changing eyes.

So, what say you?

Also, I’ll leave you with this. Because he’s basically running now.

IMG_5643 IMG_5636How cute is that little romper from BabyWit? It’s got a little butt flap. I’m obsessed.

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  1. First of all- LOOK HOW BIG HE’S GOTTEN. He looks older and older every day!

    Second, ours is in this same transition too! His eyes are like, brownish grey? Greyish brown? Since they’ve just gotten darker and darker, I’m pretty sure they’ll be brown in the end.

  2. They look green to me. They look like my daughter’s eyes, and we call hers green. I thought they were going to turn brown when she was little because they are such a dark green, but they never did.

  3. My husband’s parents are brown-eyed and blue-eyed, and his sister’s eyes are green. 🙂 My whole family has green eyes… really can’t tell what our little’s eyes are. They were dark gray/blue, but sometimes they look green, or hazel. They seem like they change all the time! I *think* they’re gray and just pick up other colors from what’s around him (light, his clothes).

  4. My first daughter’s eyes looked grey like that until about two years old when they turned a hazel color with a greenish blue ring in the center. I have blue eyes and her dad has brown.

  5. I hope you can have green eyes with a blue and brown eyes parent…otherwise the mailman is my dad.
    Lolo’s could be hazel.

  6. Rachel Allison Mannix on

    Blue eyes and brown eyes parents can have green eyed kids… Unless my sisters telling me I was adopted all along was truth… But no really they can. They do look greenish to me too

  7. Avery Zollinger Benitez on

    Hazel maybe. They do look pretty green though. Eye color is controlled by more than one gene. Half the online calculators you find don’t even put hazel eyes as one of the choices. I wouldn’t put too much faith in them.

  8. My husband and I both have brown eyes, and we have two very blue eyed kids (number one thing people always say to us is “Oh! Look at their big blue eyes!” There was an eye color predictor on some website and it said the chances of us having a blue eyed kid were so tiny – and yet we ended up with two. Genes are weird.

  9. I have brown eyes, hubby has blue eyes. We have 2 blue eyed children and one brown eyed. However, before the brown eyes turned brown on that child, they were a beautiful greenish color for a while. Same for my brother – brown eyed man, hazel eyed wife they got 2 blue eyed children and one brown eyed child! Apparently my bother and I both have a recessive green eyed gene from our dad.

  10. I have brown eyes, my husband has blue eyes and my oldest has greyish green eyes. My dad and his mom both have green eyes. It’s not impossible for him to have green eyes.

  11. Elizabeth Mangham Crase on

    Yeah, my dad had brown eyes and my mom has blue eyes and I am definitely their child… With green eyes. It happens! Look green to me!

  12. Courtney Farranto on

    I’d love to know the answer, too! My daughter has basically the same color eyes as Lowell. My older son has deep blue (almost navy looking at times) eyes, my hubby has blue eyes and I have hazel eyes. My daughter’s sometimes look blue, sometimes gray, sometimes hazel. I can’t figure it out!

  13. Meredith McDowell Conant on

    Maybe they’re hazel and are just picking up the green from your shirt?? My sons eyes are blue but only look reeeeaaally blue outside.

  14. Julie Matonak Lobl on

    It’s funny you post this because I read that too ! My husband has blue and I have brown but our 7 year old has green eyes ! He was born w bright blue but they changed to green around 3 years old ! So that is false ! It was so funny when I read that , but I know for sure too 😉 hahah .

  15. Catriona AndGabe DeLira on

    I have dark green eyes and the hubs has brown. Both of our boys have had dark brown eyes from day 1. But with Lolo’s eyes it’s hard to tell. They look kinda brown-ish. He’s totes adorbs though!

  16. Science is still learning about eye color. It’s not as basic as we once thought. I read something a while ago that said there are now 6 or 8 genesresponsible for determining eye color

  17. Well my 13 month old has us asking the same question. Her eyes are grayish, although there is a brownish ring around the pupil. so I thought they were changing to brown but have now been that way several months. my oldest has blue eyes. my middle had blue that changed to green around 2. I have brown, my husband has bluish green and there’s a lot of hazel n my family. so who knows?

  18. Heather Hume-Rowland on

    My mom has blue-green-grayish eyes that change depending on lighting and my dad has brown. I have brown-green eyes that change when I’m tired. Just because I can’t resist asking, what color are the mailman’s eyes? 😛

  19. My son’s eyes were the exact same color when he was that age – then they turned green. (brown eyed and green eyed parents)

  20. They could be green. The green eye gene in dominant to blue but recessive to brown, so theoretically if Scott has heterozygous brown eyes, which means one brown eye gene and one green eye gene, he would still have brown eyes. You would have to have two blue eye genes, which means Lowell is guaranteed at least one of those, but if he got the green eye gene from Scott, that gene would dominate, so Lowell could end up with green eyes. Of course, they could also be hazel. They actually look hazel to me.

    • But then there would be no second blue eye gene for Scott to give to Leyna and Kendall, so they couldn’t end up with blue eyes.

  21. They look hazel-green to me. My 17 year old had blue eyes until she was about 12 and then they changed to green. Her dad and I both have blue eyes.

  22. They definitely look too light to just be brown. I had brown eyes when I was young and they’ve lightened over the years to the point where they are deep green now. I agree, genetics are weird! He could totally end up with green eyes since my parents have blue and brown eyes.

  23. My baby has the exact same color eyes. (15 mo old) Greenish greyish? And I am blue eyed, Hubs is brown. But we think little man’s are green too! Also, that baby looks so much like the pics of your husband, and your other two kids..there is no way he can’t claim that one 🙂

  24. I have dark brown eyes and my husband has beautiful baby blues. Our oldest son, who will be 4 in December, has wonderful hazel-green eyes, just like my grandfather. It might be somewhere in your genetics, even if not directly visible in you. 🙂

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