We Are All Here

So, so many of you reached out, commented on, and shared this story of motherhood, loss, appreciation, and immense love when I posted it in February.

Meet Maggie & Another Leyna was originally an email I got from a long-time blog commenter, turned friend.

And now, I’m so happy to say it’s a video of a live reading, titled “Here,” by Leyna herself at the Listen To Your Mother, Austin show this past May.

I promise you, it is worth the 7-ish minutes of your time. Just brace yourself for feelings. And tears.

“I am forever thankful for all the mommas in my life, and this motherhood journey we’re all on together because we are all…. here.”

Beautiful job, Leyna. What an honor it is to know you, and to see this story come to life.



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  1. Leyna Williams on

    When this journey began I wanted nothing more than to figure out how to be a good mom, live a full life, and still honor Maggie’s memory with respect and love. You’ve helped me do that in a bigger way than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, friend. <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you Jill for posting this. After reading Maggie’s story as told by you, Leyna, I’ve thought of you both and your family often. I’ve hugged my kids closer and believed in the wonderful mothers out there, those that we’ve lost and those who have stepped in with the truest of loves.

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