Lowell Is One, And Life Is Good For The 3rd-Born

In many ways, I think life is better for our 3rd-born than the other two. We are more confident parents, he has siblings to play with, he got to eat cake for the first time at 6 months old.

So I won’t beat myself up over his first birthday sneaking up on me. Of course, I knew it was coming. We are planning a small party for this weekend, and I’ve been working on the details here and there.

But in my mind, this weekend seemed more like 2 weeks away? And I kind of forgot he actually turns one before then. So when Scott said to me on Tuesday, “Tomorrow’s the big day for LoLo*!” I was momentarily confused before it hit me that we would wake up the next day having left another year of infancy behind.

Oh. I didn’t… I’m not… prepared for this.

But time marched on as it does. And I dropped him off at daycare yesterday morning with a plan to pick him up at 2 and begin some kind of family birthday festivities. I didn’t know what. We’d figure it out.

“So he walks now?!” his teacher said to me as I met them at the door for pickup.

I cocked my head to the side like a confused puppy. “Uh. No? I don’t think so? Did he?” I quizzically replied.

“Ohhhh… well, yeah. He did! Like, 5 or so steps?” she replied.

So, that’s cool. My baby took his first steps at daycare. On his first birthday, which I wasn’t even prepared for.


Good news: He’s my 3rd baby, so I’m really quite okay with it.

He repeated the performance for us a few times before we took off to dinner…



where he got an endless supply of bean dip.

Then we made forgetful lemons into lemonade and walked over to ToysRUs where he got to hand pick his gift.

What kid gets to do that that? Only the very lucky 3rd-born.


Note the crawling on the floor at a toy store. A privilege only reserved for the cherished 3rd-born.

So see? It doesn’t matter that I nearly forgot his birthday, or that I wasn’t there to see his first steps. He lives a life that goes with the flow, free of dietary restrictions and pesky rules about germs and bedtime.

It’s good to be 3rd.

*LoLo is the nickname Leyna gave him right after he was born. The whole family has adopted it now. Because 3rd born.

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  1. I’m so glad I got to meet you at BlogHer! And this post is awesome. My kid gets to do a lot of these things, but I call it “Mommy is dealing with her anxiety about being in crowds, and we’re on an airplane, so feel free to eat the chocolate you just stole from my purse!”

  2. Jasmine Robertson on

    So happy to see someone else gets the 3rd born go with the flow mentality! I think its the perfect birthday!!! Wish I had gotten a clue with the first 2!

  3. Jennifer Ens Michalowski on

    I totally agree that my third gets the benefits of relaxed more confident parents. Who knows how I feel after the fourth arrives this winter…

  4. Elizabeth Peters on

    I have one child, who is three, and I still wouldn’t let him walk barefoot on the sidewalk or crawl on the toy store floor. And my husband? Would have. a. stroke. I’m not judging, just jealous. Looks like sweet Lowell had a blast.

  5. twitter_SomebodysParent on

    I cannot even handle that pic of him with the cake and the cheeks! OMG, Jill! Epic! Happy Birthday, Lowell!

  6. Love the bean dip pic! My little guy just turned one and hates shoes, so I let him walk barefoot everywhere. So glad to see I’m not the only one with a barefoot baby!

  7. Love it ! happy birthday to that cute boy!
    our 2nd son turned 1 a few weeks ago, and found out from daycare that he took his first steps just yesterday! I won’t sweat it. I missed firstborn’s first steps too. He was with his dad at library pj story time while I was a community planning meeting… oh well!
    I got the little one to repeat it for me this morning (sort of).
    Relax and enjoy his party however it plays out !

  8. Happy bday Lolo! *His name was too much time to type* my third child just turned 8 months old (I have a 5 and 3 year old, with an angel baby in between, and a lot of trying before #3 arrived) and I love what you wrote. I appreciate this baby ( probably my last) more than I thought I could, but in such a laid back, easy way; a way I didn’t know I could mother. A way that makes me a great mom.

    Enjoy your little man. And thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the dip pic! My very little guy simply turned one and hates shoes, thus I let him walk barefoot all over. thus glad to envision I’m not the sole one with a barefoot baby!

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