Ball Gown One Day, Clogged Breasts The Next

I spent my weekend in Atlanta at the Ritz in Buckhead. On Saturday, I visited the Dry Bar for a blowout and dressed in a long sequined gown for the Iris Awards hosted by HLN and Mom 2.0 where I was nominated as a Breakout Blog Of The Year.

I also took  many breaks to hook myself up to a breast pump and milk myself like the dairy cow I am. So much lactation, many soaked breast pads. I wore the ball gown to a liquor store where I pushed a grocery cart.

The glamour couldn’t be contained.

I didn’t win the Iris Award for Breakout Blog Of The Year, but when you’re nominated amongst Conversations With My 2 Year Old, Honest Toddler, Momma’s Gone City, Neon Fresh, and Village Q, you don’t really go into it with any expectations at all.

That whole “it’s an honor to be nominated” line is real. It was an honor, and I so loved watching my friend Jessica Shyba (Momma’s Gone City- creative genius behind #TheoandBeau) accept her award.

I also sobbed an ugly, happy cry when my friend Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress accepted her award for Philanthropic Work. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while know how much Katherine’s work has affected me on a personal level (as she has also affected many of you).

And then I came home where I was reminded that my children give exactly zero fucks that I was nominated for anything – as it should be. Leyna eagerly invited me to the potty with her so she could sing to me while she pooped. Kendall showed me his newest Skylander and boasted how it’s already “fully upgraded.”

And Lowell hated me.

This was the look he gave me after he reluctantly nursed (thank GOD because alllllll the clogged ducts) while avoiding eye contact. He then cried and reached and called for “DaDA!”

“Let me just remind you, little guy, that Dada leaves for 5 to 10 days A MONTH, and you never get mad at him,” I huffed as he gave me the side-eye.

Don’t worry, he forgave me. The lure of fresh, warm milk from cuddly boobies is a powerful tool.

Now, it’s back to life as usual, except I really need to work hard to break out of some usual molds around here. This weekend was beyond inspiring and validating and I’m ready to kick some ass.

But first, I need to go nurse a baby to sleep.

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  1. I was super inspired this weekend too, but am way too tired to do anything about it. My kid didn’t care that I was gone at all. She just made a list of all the rules they broke. Mostly a lot of watching PBS Kids. She’s probably counting the hours until I leave again.

    • It’s basically a given that there is much TV watching not only while I’m at a conference, but also when I get home. Because recovery.

  2. So, so so sooo soososo great on your nomination. That is just awesome. I loved watching all you guys on social media this weekend and so glad it was such a productive conference.

    My first conference is going to be Blogher. Charlie invited me and told me it will be crazy but I am looking forward to it since it’s in my backyard and won’t have to worry about clogged boobs and angry babies.

    Here’s my latest post which includes A LOT of selfies. Sorry about that, it just happens to be the latest.

    xo from san francsico


  3. Lowell’s face, OMG! Haha. Love it. My kids had such a ridiculous amount of fun with dad while I was gone, my welcome home was a big fat fail. Ah, well. At least our breasts have resumed their (almost) normal size now.

    It was SO GOOD to see you so much this weekend. You rocked everything you wore, including that pink dress at dinner Friday. I just wish Jenny had mugged me with sparkles for my hair, too. 😉

  4. Ah! The boobies! I’m glad Lowell could be reunited with them. Congrats on your nomination. Well deserved! I have heard nothing but AWESOME things about this past weekend. I feel like it would be totally worth it to go next year. Welcome home.

  5. Emily Jankowski Newton on

    It may be better for my sex life if I read this NOT before bed. Perhaps in the morning so this can make my day!

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