I Love These Pants For My Crawling Baby

IMG_1415Lowell is officially on the move. Fastest little crawler this side of the Rio Grande. Up on all fours, moving with a mission. He reminds me a happy bulldog puppy.

IMG_1433I worry sometimes about the hardwood floors being too hard for babies to crawl on. Then I feel the substantial fat pads on his knees and determine he’ll be just fine.

IMG_1445Those pants are by American Apparel. They’re called Karate Pants. They’re one of my favorite baby must-haves. I bought some when Kendall was a baby 5 years ago, and they’ve been passed down to each sibling, boy and girl.

IMG_1435I especially like that they are nice and roomy in the butt for cloth diapers.

IMG_1446And that onesie is part of a 4 pack from Carters. Can’t beat simple stripes, right? I love easy kids clothes.

IMG_1431Oh, and then there’s this pulling up business, which started, like, this morning. Found him in his crib like this, so we dropped that bad boy (the crib) before nap time. Now I guess I need to childproof the fireplace. And by that I mean I need to throw a couple quilts over it.

IMG_1439Oh, infancy. Why do I have a feeling you’re about to run off and leave toddlerhood in your place so soon?

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  1. Mallory Rempp on

    Awesome post! Thank you for showing me some pants that aren’t so stinking tight on little bums. My daughter is almost 5 months old and I can’t believe how RIDICULOUS the pants are in the little girl’s section. I’ve resorted to buying a size up or just buying little boy pants for her because the others are just so darn tight! It really irritates me (if you can’t tell)!!!

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