He Can See Clearly Now

You may have noticed in pictures of Lowell that his right eye looked… gross? Gross. You can say it. It’s okay.

It was gross.

Poor buddy. It was often swollen, red, and crusty, even after we cleaned it.


And we cleaned it often, and massaged the little tear duct that’s been clogged his whole life. And I put breastmilk in it (because breastmilk cures everything). It was persistent.

At his 6 month appointment, his pediatrician recommended we have it probed sooner than later since I guess it’s harder when the baby is mobile, but we weren’t quick to sign up for the procedure.

Kendall and Leyna both had clogged tear ducts, too. Both theirs cleared up on their own, but I think we got super close to scheduling the procedure for Kendall, as well.

I actually called the pediatrician’s office on Friday to get the info for the specialist. I was just so tired of seeing his eyelashes plastered together with eye boogers, and his eye glued shut every morning. I hated the way he squirmed and cried anytime he saw us coming at him with a wet washcloth.

By the way, these Ocusoft baby wipes were awesome for cleaning on the go. Boogie Wipes also did well in a pinch, but the Ocusoft wipes were wetter. 

And then? POOF. It got better on Saturday. Like magic. And now I’m obsessed with his sweet little face all over again, and gazing at those gorgeous, unobstructed, goo-free eyes!


Which are, apparently, turning green? Like all the grass in our yard because SPRINNNGGGG!!!

If this post were scratch and sniff, it would smell like a chubby, sweaty baby, covered in sunscreen. It’s such a delightful, strange, nostalgic smell for me. I love it.


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  1. I’m so glad it cleared up! Sawyer had a goopy eye from the time time she was born and just a couple days ago it cleared up! I love seeing her lashes all fanned out now 🙂

  2. My guy had the same issue that cleared up right around 6 months. Funny that our doc recommended to wait it out. They seem to all say something different ????

  3. My little guy is the same age (born July 24th) and his clogged tear duct opened up about a month ago. Our dr was telling us to wait until a year. I’m glad Lowell’ s opened up too! I know how nerve-wracking it is!

  4. If anyone is dealing with this I have a whole series I wrote on my blog when my 2nd child went through it. My 3rd now has goopy eyes too. But hers got worse when she was outside, so I’m wondering if part of it isn’t allergies.. at any rate.. if you want to know about the procedure if your baby needs it, PLEASE read about it on my blog– it will help, and I will answer any questions that people have! The tag is ‘infant surgery’ and if you click on that one in the tag cloud it will pull up all the posts I wrote on it!

  5. Jamie Cottrell Thomas on

    ugh, both Jack and AR had that…when they were babies I had checkers in the store comment to me that I should clean their eyes…umm, yeah, thanks jerk-off, like I liked the fact that the babies had oozing green crusties, yeah, that’s the look I was going for.

  6. Jessica Naftzinger Romito on

    I am counting down the days to sunblock time because awesome pool in our neighborhood is calling our names!! Baby splash park? Check! Sand covered bottom baby poolcheck!

  7. My girl had major eye goop too. Funny though, our paediatrician wouldn’t touch it until she passed 1 year. I guess they were worried about a baby getting general anesthetic. Luckily, by 12 months it had cleared up. Once the top teeth moved down it seemed to go away on their own. Not sure if it is related but that’s how it happened for us.

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  9. Sarah-jane ZyandranIzack Lelliottcasey-obrien on

    My girl Zya had that n an Aunty wiped it with one of her wet nappies n it has never come back apparently the acid I’m their urine cures it mind you I thought it was gross but it worked

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