DIY Muslin Swaddle Blanket Stars


Recently, Aden & Anais sent Lowell a box full of soft, muslin goodies, from bibs to blankets and sheets. He’s been snuggling with an Aden & Anais Dream Blanket since we brought him home from the hospital, and the soft fabric seems to soothe him.

I’ve had some crafty, creative fun with Aden & Anais swaddling blankets in the past (and will link you up to a couple posts at the bottom of this one) by channeling my inner cruise ship attendant, and folding them into fun shapes. These muslin blankets are one of my new baby must-haves, and I love gifting them to friends.

So I like to come up with fun ways to display and present them.


This tutorial is as easy as it gets. You only need 3 things.


1. Muslin swaddling blankets (These are the Aden & Anais blankets I used.)
2. Foil
3. Tulle (or ribbon)

I used a total of 6 blankets to make 3 stars- large, medium and small.


The large star required 3 blankets, the small star just required one. This tutorial will show you the medium star, which requires 2 blankets.

You’ll also need a large, clean space for this project. My kitchen table was barely large enough. It also doesn’t hurt to have some extra hands, though it’s not required.

Start by laying down your blankets, face/pattern down, overlapping them by a few inches.


Unroll your foil the length of the blankets. For this star, the medium, I only needed one layer of foil. For the large star with 3 blankets, I used 2 layers (laid on top of each other). For the small star, I didn’t need any foil at all.


The foil just helps give your star points some structure to keep them from being floppy.

Then, working your way up and down the length of the blankets, tightly roll them up with the foil inside.


Keep it up until the foil is completely rolled up, then continue rolling the blanket.


Try to keep the roll as tight as possible and mind the seams where the blankets come together.


You’ll end up with one long roll.


Fold it in half and secure the ends with a piece of tulle or some ribbon.


If you plan to suspend the star, make sure this piece of tulle or ribbon is long enough for that.

Pull the folded end 1/4 of the way in toward the tied end.


This is where you’ll have to play around a bit. What you have here are 3 points of your star. You still need to make 2 more out of those 2 long edges. I tried to come up with a mathematical equation for this, but my brain hurts and doesn’t really work that way. I just play with things until they look okay enough.


Once you’ve got your points evened out, wrap your tulle or ribbon around the center of the star to secure it.


That’s basically it. It’s really really simple.

I love the idea of using these stars to decorate for a baby shower! Hang them from the ceiling over the cake table…


And on the front door…


You really can’t have too many of these blankets! We used them for everything around here.

If you want a couple other swaddle blanket gifting ideas, here’s one for an elephant…


And another for bunnies!


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