Boy Chases Dog – You Need This In Your Life

Just a hefty dose of cute here, nothing more. It’s Friday. Let’s celebrate with a story of a boy and his dog.

It begins with a pause. A quick break between crawling around the couch and pulling up on the fireplace, which has been strategically baby proofed with the help of a quilt. Very high-tech….


But then he spies her. THAT DOG!


Must. Catch. Her. She has a tail. It’s fascinating. Must get to the tail.




Oh yes, the paws. The paws are so very interesting! Paws… just the sound of that… PAAAAWWWWSSSS…  they must taste lovely. I should try to taste them… after I try to taste her head.


Oh! Ears!


It’s cool, mom. Just going to grab me a fistful of dog hair here. She has plenty to spare.


Bless her sweet, 10 year old, labrador heart. 


I can’t get over the expressions this kid makes.




Whee! Standing! I’m standing! Don’t move.


OMG, I almost forgot. YOU HAVE A TAIL!



OH LOOK! A BALL! Be right back.



And if your heart can even handle anymore cute, I present to you Boy Chases Dog, THE GIF.


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  1. I swear Jill, you and Scott make the cutest kids!! I love it when you post pics of Lowell! That last “expression” picture is the splitting image of Scott, haha. Your house is always exciting, I can tell.

  2. awww – so sweet. I love it. your dog looks so patient. our dog plays along too, but more reluctantly.

    in another post about organizing your son’s closet, you mentioned a loft bed that your husband built. we’ve been planning to do this at home for our sons (an almost 6 year old and a 9 month old- very similar in age to your boys), and need some inspiration to to get our butts in gear. thanks! even just a picture or 2- no instructions/ supply lists necessary, just pretty pictures (as all your photos are!)

  3. I love how one pic has the dog staring at you like “Seriously?! This is just gonna happen.” and then just accepts the fate. What a sweet, adorable boy and an amazingly patient dog. I took in a 12 year old Alaskan Malamute and my 5 year old adores her much like we do. She will lie on him to get his attention haha Dogs are amazing animals.

  4. twitter_TashaBatsford on

    This is an exact replay of our house. Our mutt Harry has been such a complete darling with the children. He just looks up with his big basset eyes all “really mama, you’re going to let them climb over me AGAIN?” but he loves them to pieces.

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