Bluebonnets 2014

We live in Texas. It’s bluebonnet season. I’m a photographer. I have children.

This is inevitable. Bluebonnet pix 2014, y’all. Here they are…


I plugged Lowell into that Radio Flyer little wagon, and he couldn’t move. Thank God, because the other two were like feral cats.


After Scott snapped the pics of me and the kids, he sighed, “I don’t think I got any good ones.” To which I sighed back, “I never expect to get good pictures with the kids.” And then I saw this one and I was like, “Well, that one is FANTASTIC!”

And then I saw the children.

But whatever, because when mom looks good, we all look good.


It wasn’t the same with Leyna this year. I mean, she wasn’t exactly cooperative, but she wasn’t horrified either.

Granted, this was a very quick shoot on Easter. Only about 15 minutes, on our way to brunch. I may try to go back out and take my time with Kendall and Leyna, even if only to see if I get more classic reactions from her.

Truly, you must check out her tiptoes through the bluebonnets (also known as fields of blue terror) if you haven’t in the past.


Oh, yes. You may notice that Scott is sporting a dashing green teething bracelet. I let Leyna accessorize with it before we left the house because she was losing her mind over not getting to wear my wedding ring (toddlers are the most irrational ever).

Scott took it from her when we got there, and I guess he liked the way it brought out the specks of green in his brown eyes.

Or he forgot.

(Also, Lowell in those little tractor overalls and gingham shirt? I mean, I can’t even stand it. I want him to live in this outfit, like a uniform. JoulesUSA sent it to him.)


And finally, not only one of the very few, but also the VERY best picture of the 3 kids together to date!

It all came together with gorgeous composition, lighting, and the joy that lights up my children’s faces….

Or maybe composing to keep the throngs of other people out of my shot, full sun, lots of work in Lightroom, and an entire swap of Lowell and his wagon from another picture (with the help of a talented photographer friend).

Technology is my favorite.

I’m off to take more pictures tonight, but this time for a friend and her children. It’s sure to be immensely more enjoyable because other people’s children listen to me so much better.

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  1. Lowell! Gah! I die of the cuteness! At least they went to the blue bonnet field. We did pictures on Easter that I just posted in our house and it took insane bribery to get any cooperation. Maybe Leyna will blog about her traumatic blue bonnet experiences, or whatever the equivalent of blogging is for their generation.

  2. twitter_TashaBatsford on

    Never work with children or animals. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

    Except Lowell, he can stay because that outfit + that chub = OHMAGAHD!!!! Just slap him on a platter, stick a lemon wedge on the side and just slide him on over here!

  3. Sooo adorable! You look great! And oh so true if momma looks good the picture is a winner!!! I hope you’re feeling better and suffering less from the Postpartum Anxiety, as a long time reader I appreciate your openness.

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