All About Bullies, According To A 5 Year Old

Kendall informed me he’s going to be an author last night.

“Because I can read and write. About a lot of stuff.”

And then he sat down at the table in the playroom, pencils, broken crayons, and shriveled up markers in hand. He wrote his first book.

He quietly worked, stopping on occasion to run the spelling of some words by me. Most he sounded out himself. Quite honestly, had I not seen him work so tediously on this, I wouldn’t have believed he made it.

Not only was I unaware he had the attention span for it, or the ability to put his words to paper so well, but I had no idea he had such passion for the subject of bullies, or even much understanding of the term beyond throwing it at Scott and I when we put him in timeout.

image-5No Bullies. Bullies are not allowed. 

By Kendall.

image-4Bullies take toys.

image-3Bullies break toys.

image-1Bullies are mean.

image-6Bullies kick people.

image-2Bullies hate people.

imageD End. Stand up and speak up.

So, teachers? All those conversations you’re having about bullying, and all the ways we’re trying  to impress upon this generation that we need to be kinder to each other? I hope you know it’s making an impact. And I hope you keep it up.

Turns out, Kendall’s school had a Stand Up To Bullying rally last week. He’s in kindergarten. I’m sure he picked his nose through most of it, and the teachers probably asked him to be quiet at least a few times. He likely fidgeted and horsed around.

But he got it.

And I sincerely hope that if we keep talking about it – frequently- both at school AND at home, from now through the rest of his youth, it will stay with him. I sincerely hope he’ll always “Sandup and Sec Up.”

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  1. ahem. What I MEANT to say was… My 4 year old is sitting beside me and she said “wow… that’s a good drawing.”

  2. This is amazing! Our kids hear and understand more than we think.

    I have to ask, is that a face in the bullies belly?

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