Taming Hyenas With Compost Smoothies

When my kids get home from school, it’s like, stop. SHHHH. Don’t. open.  your. mouth.

Not before I can shove some food in it.

Because, holy crackers, the after school whiiinnnnnneee is intense. We walk in the door and straight to the kitchen. I’m rummaging through the pantry, throwing bars and fruit snacks at them like hyenas.

Get back! Take this granola bar and retreat to a corner. Quit being so loud! And high pitched!

Lately, on days I’m feeling really SuperMomIsh, I make “smoothies.”


I have no fancy, exotic recipes to share with you. In my book, a “smoothie” is one step up from the compost bin. I mean, it tastes much better than you’d imagine when I describe it that way, I think. But, you know, it’s mostly just whatever fruit we have laying around that’s about to go bad, some ice, some kind of milk.


We’ve been adding chia seeds (or “magic seeds” if we’re talking about the lie I’ve sold the children) because I bought a bag on a whim in the organic section at Kroger, thinking I’d seen a lot of healthy-type people talk about them. Then I had no idea what to do with them other than make maggot-infested looking “pudding” or grow hair on a ceramic pet.


So “magic smoothies” are the name of the game about 2-3 days a week.


I would really like to try my hand at a “slacker shake” soon, though…

Because diabetes looks delicious.

I’m sure even the smallest hyena would agree.


Of course I’d give him a taste. He’s the 3rd baby, remember?

Thanks for the blender, Ninja Kitchen! 

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  1. I have a bag going in the freezer where I stuff all the half-eaten fruits my 2 year old leaves lying around the house throughout the day. When it starts to get full, I toss it all in the vitamix and blend away with a little milk. I feel better about not wasting so much produce and my kids love the smoothies.

  2. Julie I am stealing that idea. We love our smoothies here too. They are often summer lunch.
    We also do chia seeds as “sprinkles” after my kids got into a sprinkles on everything habit when I was no pregnant to care.

  3. Leyna Williams on

    You are cracking.me.up. And living my life. I just made a big batch of maggot-infested-looking “pudding” this week. Now I’m just waiting for those chia seeds to start working their magic…

  4. Amanda Harrington Sanders on

    my 4 year old ate three chocolate chip granola bars (partially melted) on the 10 minute drive home. feel your pain!

  5. So do you not use the chest clip on the Stokke at all, or just because he’s the third? I barely used for my first, mainly because I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out at the time. 🙂

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