She Grows With Glitter


The first thing the hairstylist asked her was, “Do you want glitter in your hair?”

OF COURSE she did.

The minor issue was the hairstylist meant AFTER she finished. So Leyna spent the whole 15 minutes it took for her very first real haircut asking, “Where’s da gwitter? Is it puhpul? I wike puhpul! Is it up dere?” ::looks at scissors mid snip::


We took the boys to Great Clips the weekend before, and she was quite disappointed that she didn’t get a haircut, too. So I thought I’d make it special, and take her to the place where she can get glitter in her hair, on her face, a purple hair extension AND a lollipop. At first, she cried when we pulled up in front.

“Dis is not da hair pwace!”

Don’t worry, she got over it.


It was just a tiny trim. I made sure those sweet curls were preserved because they signify so much of her babyhood to me still. I remember when the first curl started to swirl itself at the nape of her chubby, infant neck.


But no matter how long the curls stay, the babyhood slips further away each day. Just look at her. She’s 3…. and tomorrow she’s 13.


And while I’m certain I’ll long for babyhood, at times, and the simplicity of that lone curl…


I truly look forward to sharing more special moments with this little lady.

I mean, doesn’t she look TWELVE there? I think there’s something in that glitter.

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  1. Three has been a heartbreaker for me so far. My little baby just looks so grown up all of a sudden. Thank you for writing this all down so perfectly. Oh 3…you’re killing me.

  2. My daughter just turned one, and there’s this little something about the way she stands (when she’s looking at the TV or waiting for me to finish something) that lets me see the 12-year-old in her. It’s fascinating and devastating all at once.

  3. Haha, I can totally relate to you. Alea is SO much like Leyna, is hilarious! This is such a cute salon, I wonder if they have something like that around here. Crazy how time flies and how big they get, right? She’s adorable as always!

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