This Commercial Captures Valentines Day Perfectly For Me

This commercial stopped me in my tracks the other night. I stood there, arms full of papers and dirty socks and other bits I was attempting to put away.

Oh, okay pizza commercial, I thought. You just nailed it. And now of course we need a heart shaped pizza on Friday.

In a relationship, have young kids? I think it might resonate with you, too.

Edited to add!
Last night it was brought to my attention that there’s a more real-life web version of the commercial. Again, spot on.

*Not at all sponsored, but we do love Papa Murphys.

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  1. sweet.. i miss papa murphys there are not any by me anymore. There is a restaurant that is serving heart shaped pizzas, but Emmy would boycott it she had pizza twice last weekend and she doesn’t like tomatoes in any form including pizza. So having it 2 times in 2 days is her limit for a few months.

  2. We’re totally getting a heart-shaped pizza this Valentine’s Day. My daughter is going to love it. That commercial defintiely gets it right on the money.

  3. In Between the Piles on

    So sweet! I used to despise Valentine’s Day after being single for so many years in junior high, high school, college…now with an almost 3 year old, I’m having fun watching her decorate her Valentines. If my hubby and I could eat pizza (dairy/wheat issues), I’d totally get a heart-shaped pizza. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this commercial. We’ve done the heart pizza more than once with the girls. And watching your daughter dance on her daddy’s feet? Yeah, gets me every time.

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