Nobody Wins At Valentines (And Nobody Loses)

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when some parents will get crafty, and bust out all the glitter and cutesy printables for their child’s Valentines. It’s the time of year when this will make some other parents crazy.

Why do they have to try to show everyone up? What is wrong with store bought Valentines?

As I predicted last year, I am not one of the moms who is doing anything but sending store-bought Skylanders and Hello Kitty cards and candy this year.


But last year? I was that mom who made everything, and I so enjoyed it. And guess what? It wasn’t about showing anyone up or making anyone feel bad.


So if you’re in the same boat I’m in this year, and you’re seeing all these adorable, elaborate Valentines creations popping up on Facebook and Pinterest, and then looking at the boxes of perforated unoriginality you just picked up at Target. If you’re maybe feeling a tinge of inadequacy or guilt or annoyance… just remember, it’s not about you.

And it goes both ways. (Click through for the post the following excerpt is from.)

Listen, if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s consistent. Who the hell knows how much energy I’ll have next year with a new baby. If I have to run out and buy store bought Valentines, so be it. I may be disappointed I don’t have the time to make any, but you know what I won’t do? Try to make others feel bad for the time they spent on theirs….

So you don’t want me to judge you for your kids’ store bought Valentines? Done! But it goes both ways, okay? Don’t assume that every homemade Valentine that your kids bring home today is made by a mom with the intention of showing people up, that’s it’s a little bag of “I’m better than you.” Maybe she’s just a mom who doesn’t always do things with her kids like paint and bake cookies, but this one time of year she did something special. And she’s feeling good about it because it was something she did with love for her kids.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder… I just did the store bought valentines with my little and was feeling pretty crummy for not doing more.. I would love to but it’s been crazy, we had a pipe freeze and burst and have been dealing with that on top of this crazy storm that began today.. I just couldn’t do it! This was the reminder that I needed, I love reading your blog! Thanks!

    • Ha I was totally shocked by your valentine’s day cake pop post!! I love them though. I’m in your school with the cake pops…just don’t get them. Maybe your post has convinced me to try them out sometime. Just not this birthday season! 🙂

  2. I just wrote a post about this the other day. I was planning on some elaborate pin-worthy valentines, but my sweet boy had his heart set on store bought Batman Valentine’s. So that’s what he got! I think a lot of times, “simple” wins with kids…they just need to remind us 😉

  3. right there with you ! last year I just had a 4 year old in Pre-K with about 15 kids. and he/we made some very crafty valentines and he had fun making them (which is what I was going for). wax paper, melted crayons, a half heart cut into the fold of the card….. he had fun picking out specific stickers for each friend. he wrote ‘happy valentine’s day’ in them. they turned out to be the only homemade ones in his class. I hope no-one thought I was trying to show anyone up. my son just loves crafts…..
    this year, with a new baby, and a kindergarten of 27 kids, store bought all the way! I barely even had time to position the mini tattoos in the little diagonal slots.
    when I was pregnant last valentines day, 2013, we went and picked out our 2014 store bought valentines (when they went on sale 🙂 because I knew I wouldn’t have any free time for crafty ones this year.

  4. I so totally agree with you!! Some holidays I have my stuff together and the energy to get crafty and other times totally not. Since Xander’s birthday is just two days before vday, it will always be store bought cards for me. With party planning, valentines will never to the top of my priority list. Yes, I go all out for bday parties because I enjoy it. It’s not to show other mom’s up. Birthday’s have always been something special and always will be because it’s what our family does.

  5. i feel like I’m losing because I see no point in having to fill out cards for Hannah. I got treats that I could write her name on (vanilla cupcake popcorn- yum!) and yet I had to go back out because they were specific that they want the kids to exchange CARDS too. Ridic.

  6. Dear babycakes,

    There is absolutely nothing I would not do for you, my most cherished dove. Your love has given me a peaceful, easy feeling. I could not possibly love another with even a fraction of the affection I feel for you. I am awash in the great ocean of your love.

    Love forever and a day,

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