Lowell’s Soul and My Sixth Sense

This conversation about my baby’s soul and my mother 6th sense is sponsored by Baby Jack Blankets, which is one of Lowell’s very favorite things.


I knew within minutes of meeting him that he was different. Obviously, all my children are each their own person, but the contrasts were easier to notice between boy and girl.

When I was pregnant with Lowell, we wanted to be surprised by his gender at birth. I spent a lot of time wondering if he’d be just like his big brother if he was a boy, or just like his sister if a girl.

It was clear to me from our introduction in that labor and delivery room, though, that he is, just like the other two, his very own person. There are similarities, of course. But there is something in this little guy that is unique to only him. I can’t describe it. It’s not tangible. It’s just a feeling I get when I hold him close, when we share a quiet moment, or a game of giggles and peekaboo.

He looks so much like his brother sometimes…


And then so much like his sister.


He has his daddy’s smile, for sure…


and maybe my eyes. Definitely my determination.


But his soul? That’s all him.


This jolly, thoughtful, loving, quiet presence – that’s all Lowell. That’s that something I can’t ever put into words, but, parents, you know what I’m talking about, right?

Was there just a…. feeling you got about your babies when you first met them? Just a little spark of their soul that you felt? Am I crazy for thinking I can feel this sixth sense?

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  1. So cute! Will definitely check out the blankets. My third is the same…a unique and special soul. Can I ask what that other toy is? The round egg like stackable ball-things? 🙂

  2. ha, no. it took several months before I saw my son’s soul. he’s almost 8 months now and fun, giggling when his big brother gives him zerberts. he is a sweetheart and very generous with his smiles. honestly, thanks to the delivery and the first 6 weeks or so, I thought he was going to difficult and a ‘terror’ forever, nothing like his big brother who was the easiest thing ever.
    Lowell is a cutie

  3. Heather Perquin on

    Not crazy at all! When my second arrived, within the first hour I knew he would be a determined and sensitive little man. I had this feeling he was going to be just opposite of the older sibling, with an artist’s soul. In the 3.5 years we’ve gotten to know him, he has been everything I felt he would be from that first hour together. Sometimes, you just look into their eyes and know.

    Lowell is adorable! And that blanket looks like loads of fun. 🙂

  4. Kristin VanderHey Shaw on

    So sweet. Your photos of all three of your children make me smile, but this chunky little munchkin is really something.

  5. I have this with my third baby.

    For me I am a bit older and wiser and I have seen babies become kids. When you have seen babies become kids you know more that they are their own person. They are their own souls.

    Finally with the third after seeing my other two become kids, I could tell right away. I could see it right away.

    Lowell may be different, but I think you may be different too now.

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