Waterproof Casts- THEY ARE REAL

I know waterproof casts exist because, unfortunately, Leyna broke her arm on New Year’s Eve.

She fell off the GROUND level of a tree-house at my mom’s and broke both bones in her arm all the way up into her growth plate. Poor punkin.

She’s in a full arm cast for 4 weeks. This one will be replaced tomorrow since her swelling has gone down quite a bit in the last week. And I’m sure Scott will have to draw a “cat-cat” on that one, too.


She’ll be just fine, though. She hardly even notices it anymore, except when she wants to show it off to someone.

The BEST part about this cast is that it’s waterproof.



I put her in a bathtub the other night, and while I didn’t encourage her to get the cast wet, and I tried to keep that from happening, it happened anyway. She submerged it completely.

It dried before she went to sleep. So, that’s life-changing for parents, right? Definitely worth a blog post to let you all know about it.

It seems like a pretty new technology, and I’m sure not all offices offer it, but maybe look into it and ask your pediatrician if they do. I’m 80% sure this is the stuff they used, only because I can’t find anything else on Google.

AquaCast- waterproof cast padding

At our office, I just had to pay an extra $35 to upgrade to this. That seems to be the cost of it from their website. I’m not saying go ahead and buy some to keep just in case if your doctor doesn’t use it… but I’m not saying not to. Though, who knows if they’d actually use a product that you bring in instead of what they keep in the office. I’m sure there’s a potential lawsuit in there somewhere.

Anyway, the extra cost has already paid for itself by giving me a piece of sanity. It’s wonderful not having to worry about getting the thing wet. WON.DER.FUL.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I didn’t get free medical services in exchange for it, although LOL at the thought of that pitch.

Just thought I’d share this glorious new invention with you all. Has your child had a waterproof cast before? I’d love to hear how it functioned long-term.

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  1. That “cat cat” is so awesome! My neighbor’s daughter had a waterproof cast last summer. I had never heard of it but it rules! Hope Leyna’s recovery is quick!

  2. I had a waterproof cast when I broke my arm 10 years ago and it was a live saver considering it was summer in Arizona. They didn’t have that option when I broke my other arm two years before that.

  3. I broke my hand during the summer of 1993 and I did NOT get a waterproof cast (doctor didn’t even offer it to me). A couple days later, my little cousin broke her arm and DID get a waterproof cast. I was so jealous whenever we were in the pool and she was swimming around as normal and I had to keep my arm bobbing above water, wrapped in a plastic bag. Waterproof casts aren’t new, but I agree that they are so totally worth the extra cost!

  4. I may have to invest in some of this stuff. Tim will most likely have another hand surgery and having to wrap his hand up in a freezer bag so he can shower was a pain…mostly because I had to listen to him whine about not being able to use his non-wrapped fingers in the shower. *eyeroll*

  5. I remember when my daughter cracked her hand, she had to have a cast for a few weeks. It was a pain to bathe her without getting the cast wet. I had to wash her hair and help her in and out of the tub. I would have opted for the waterproof cast just to avoid going to get a new one in the event that it accidentally gets wet.

  6. Kristi Witherow Fischer on

    We used the same stuff when our 18 month old broke his leg. We were actually told to flush the cast with water in the bath so I didn’t smell. Complete game changer since it was summer in Chicagoa and I was 30+ weeks pregnant with #2.

  7. Kelly Aden-Sack on

    As someone who has broken an arm/wrist 3 times in my youth can I say WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I NEEDED IT???
    Seriously, those things itch and water would have felt sooooooooo good. I think my mom would have also appreciated it when I completely fell into a lake with a cast on as well. hahaha.
    Poor Leyna, I broke my growth plate the first time and had to have surgery, I am glad she did not.

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  9. My ten month old fractured his femur last week (before yall freak out apparently it happens pretty often. They’ll pull themselves up learning to stand, fall on their knees like babies do and get an impact fracture. Poor guy didn’t even show us anything was wrong with his leg for 3-4 days [by our best estimates] we thought he was grumpy from teething.) The doctor was amazing and broke the rules cuz we couldn’t afford waterproofing. He paid out of pocket. I was so touched I cried.

    Now to the actual cast. It is amazing. He can take baths and plays like normal (and scares me to death pulling himself up still) he can crawl with a full leg cast on and we’re planning a beach trip next week. This is my baby’s first summer and I’m so grateful he’ll get the full experience! Definitely would recommend it to everyone, especially for babies/toddlers/any little ones!

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